Myers Said I Should Not Sing Book

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Myers Said I Should Not Sing


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This is not her horror. This is a power she acquired for selling her voice after bargaining with the wind. And whenever she shows herself in the crowd to perform, dolled up, holding a microphone, the carnage will commence. What if Ariel didn't come to the witch to sell her voice but to sell her tail instead? This time, the wind is the witch and her tail is her feet. Living with her aunt, Shannon Westminster has a beautiful life. She has wealth and her aunt treats her like a real daughter. When she turned eighteen, Shannon is bullied for not having the voice the same as her mother, embarassing her from the rest of the crowd inside the mansion. Shannon ran into the woods only to speak to the wind... And when she has won the bargain, she got the voice but not an ordinary one. And that's merely where the story entangles itself.


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