4928 In The Remaining Lifetime (108)

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Pudding's melodious voice spread from the top of the mountain.

"To fall in love with an angel's weakness. To use a demon's language."

"God is in the clouds, blinking only once. Finally he frowned and nodded."

"To fall in love with all seriousness, using the time it takes a flower to bloom."

"You're next to me, and we've only met."

"On a bright day of May, the lightning flashed."

"In the remaining lifetime, we met on a narrow path, yet could not escape…"

"Suddenly, our palms became entangled."

"Before maturing, after falling in love, but it had only lasted for a day."

"I couldn't make it stay, I couldn't predict things, as time drifted."

During the second verse, almost everyone sang together. The song Pudding chose was old enough.

It was sung by the Queen of the Chinese music industry, Wang Fei, many years ago. Her song was called 'Flowing Years'.


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