611 Everyone Waited to See Him Fail (1)

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"Is that really appropriate? I'm just his wife… shouldn't you ask my husband to deal with company issues?"

"But I couldn't get through to President Qin's phone… His phone might be out of battery." Assistant Yang felt like crying.

"Then… what about the chairman?" asked Huo Mian nervously.

"The chairman isn't home, I just called. He went golfing and didn't bring his cell phone, so Mrs. Qin told me to ask you."

"She told you to come and find me?" asked Huo Mian faintly.


"Okay, then wait for a bit. I'm heading over right away."

Huo Mian immediately packed up her things and rushed downstairs after she hung up the phone…

"Young Madam, you're not having breakfast?" asked Butler Uncle Li.

"No, Uncle Li, I've to get to the company right away. Sorry about all this, you guys enjoy it."

"Okay, then I'll let them know."


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