10 The Big Plan

Once Drew and Ashton were inside of Ashton's house they began getting ready for the concert which Drew didn't know he signed up for. Ashton fitted him with cameras all over his body from smaller ones to take pictures with to the biggest one he had for videoing the entire thing to get the most out of the concert.

Ashton wasn't much different since he was kitted out with multiple cameras in his pockets and shoulders which were all a part of his plan for the night. He was going to make this the best-documented concert that the world had ever seen. He planned to make sure that whoever watched what he was about to film would be hooked on the group forever.

Similar to many nights prior Ashton and Drew made their way to the venue once it was close to time for the concert to begin and Ashton was once again let in at the front much to the anger of the people behind him who thought he was just cutting in line. Their voices died down however when the guards gave them all scary looks threatening to do something else if they didn't just accept what was happening.

Like this Ashton and Drew made their way down into the venue taking in the beautiful sight of the arena once more. At the moment there weren't any idols on stage since that night Burning Roses would be headlining the concerts of the night since they had gotten such good attention from their previous concerts and the meet and greet.

The owners thought just like Ashton in the thought of giving them a chance to shine even brighter than they are now which made him very happy.

Since the concerts weren't starting yet and Ashton got to skip the line the venue wasn't very packed out which meant that the plan slowly untwirling in his mind might truly be possible, "Excuse me sir do you have a map of the seats? I don't know where my seat is." Ashton suddenly asked a nearby cashier at one of the food trucks lying through his teeth while Drew watched in confusion.

The cashier was confused by the request but went and found a small map that they handed out to the vendors for them to find their way around the arena and handed it to Ashton. With this Ashton began making his way in a circle around the arena alongside Drew who was still trying to understand the plan.

That was until Ashton stopped at one of the spots and pointed at one of the cameras hanging from Drew's neck, "Hand me one of those."


While Ashton was being secretive and trying to be as invisible as possible he didn't realize that another person had been following him since they walked into the arena. The individual could be recognized as the janitor from the meet and greet the day before who was still wearing the same janitor outfit.

He was the one that ended up getting Ashton to go through with the meet and greet as well as some other small things that he didn't need to know about. For today his mission was slightly different and he found what Ashton was doing to be a bit confusing so he turned back around after a few minutes and headed backstage to a certain dressing room for one of the idol groups.

When he entered the room with the name tag 'Burning Roses' on it he was welcomed by the eyes of every member of the group staring him down like ravenous wolves waiting to hear what he had to say. It was such an intense look that he couldn't help but have sweat drip down his back.

"Well? What was he doing here this early?" Mai questioned first speaking up for the group as they all waited in anticipation for the answer.

"I- i don't really kno-" Before the man could even get the words out of his mouth a hand grasped his neck holding it tightly choking him over so slightly.

"Roy, we don't have time for your bullshit. Tell us." Nanako said with a slightly crazed look in her eyes which was surprising to the entire group present. So far they had all tried to stay pretty silent on their knowledge of Ashton but it seemed like that idea was quickly fading away.

Roy tried to gulp as he was being choked before squeaking out the only knowledge that he had, "H-he is putting cameras all over the arena. I'm not sure what he plans to do with them but he is putting them in a circle around every angle." Roy finally sputtered out making Nanako drop Roy back onto the ground as he gasped for air to fill the lacking oxygen in his lungs.

The members looked at each other in confusion wondering what the point of the cameras was but all silently decided not to worry about it until after the show to see what happens.

*Knock* *Knock*

"Burning Roses you're up in 5 minutes!" Someone shouted from outside the room before all the members rushed to finish getting ready and headed out leaving Roy breathing heavily on the ground.


When the announcer of the arena announced that the Burning Roses would be taking the stage soon Ashton had just placed his last camera that he had. Drew was still looking at him as if he was a little crazy but was starting to piece the whole plan together, it was brilliant.

The only problem was whether or not Ashton was going to be able to turn on all the cameras at the same time and how would the footage work. Drew had many questions brewing in his mind but kept quiet as Ashton finally sat down at one of the top row seats with a laptop and began typing away as the show began with sweat starting to drip down his face.

Even though they were only placing cameras this whole time they still had been running all over the arena in a big circle which had winded the both of them, "It's starting." Ashton said with a smile as the music began playing and the Burning Roses took the stage.

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