11 Did You Leave For Milk?

The time had finally come. All afternoon Ashton had been preparing for this moment. The second that Burning Roses stepped out onto the stage a shimmering light covered their bodies highlighting them in the arena for all to see. As they were walking onto the stage Ashton began typing away at a fast pace connecting to the local wifi he had setup while also connecting the different cameras he had placed around the arena periodically.

All of the cameras he had placed were now connected to his laptop which gave him a view of every angle in the arena. This not only let him see all of the people in the crowd but also all the idols at the same time. While his credit card may not have appreciated his decision with all the cameras Ashton knew in that moment that he as a person would have no regrets for what he was about to do.


On the stage Mai and the others had finally walked out and began performing their usual opening song "Cries of the Hollow" but one thing that they all noticed was that Ashton was not present at the front of the stage.

Normally at least one of them would spot him and then take turns with each of the others to have a moment in front of his camera but much to their surprise for the first time in their career he wasn't present.

This was a shocker for most of them as they looked at each other in confusion wondering if they just weren't on the correct side but when each of them realized that the others had the same problem there was a look of horror plastered on a few of their faces, especially Miko.

The other members had never seen her like this before. She kept on singing not missing a beat on her parts but she was obviously shaking and couldn't smile even a little which was catching the eyes of the people in the crowd making them whisper to each other.

This was a real problem and they all realized it so while Mai didn't have a part she quickly danced into the middle of the stage and turned where she couldn't be seen by many to contact Roy, "WHERE THE FUCK IS HE?! If we don't find him quickly nothing good will happen." Mai quickly shouted into her ear piece.

Roy after leaving the dressing room went to where the production team was located to watch over the event. This was lucky for him when he got the call from Mai since he was able to quickly get access to the cameras in the arena tracking down Ashton in the process.

"He's at the top row of the seats right in front of where you were dancing!" Roy quickly contacted back to Mai after locating Ashton who was still typing away on his computer albeit with a confused look on his face noticing the change in Miko as well.

With this new information Mai made her way over to Miko whispering in her ear the new information she had just gotten from Roy. When Miko heard what Mai had to say her eyes visibly brightened before she made her way over to Mai's spot taking it over as her eyes searched wildly across the crowd looking for one specific person.

Finally, her eyes landed on Ashton making her take a visible deep sigh of relief in between her vocal lines but right after resuming her normally amazing singing and dancing. It was as if a dying flame turned into a blazing inferno. 

The difference wasn't only subject to the idols themselves but those watching as well. The feeling of excitement and relief poured out through their singing infecting those in the crowd to the point that many stood up and began screaming in happiness at the performance.

The only caveat was the fact that Ashton wasn't staring at them intently through his one camera this time. His eyes weren't on the idols which made them a little confused and sad at the same time wondering what he was doing up there. 

However, his presence alone was more than enough to keep all of them going as they each took turns as usual facing toward him unknown to Ashton who was working diligently on his project.


The concert ended just as quickly as it began for a lot of the people watching Ashton included since he had been so focused on the concert and making his project come to full fruition. As soon as the concert ended this time Ashton went straight home with Drew who had been too focused on staring at Nanako to even realized what was going on.

The idols of course noticed Ashton leaving and were all left with a bad taste in their mouths as they were all wondering why in the world this time was so different than the rest. Did he know about their upcoming announcement? Was he disappointed? Did he not enjoy their show anymore?

There were too many questions running in all of their minds that could only be answered by the man that had just left so just like Ashton they left soon after they finished their set and went home.


Back at Ashton's house he and Drew had two laptops set up editing the largest video file the two had ever not only seen but worked on as well, "I had no idea that this was what you were going for." Drew said in astonishment as he finally understood the grand plan that Ashton had made.

The idea was for each of the cameras around the stadium to be focused on one idol at a time and when he posts the video then whoever is watching can swap to their specific idol at any time to see what they were doing or to watch the entire group as a whole.

Best of all, those who have a virtual reality headset of some kind would be able to not only wear it and be in the moment but to also switch seats at any time to see who they wanted better with a zoomed-in version of the original shot that Ashton had made.

"And done!" Ashton shouted as he finally published his project sending it out making an impact that he had no idea would lead to major changes in his life.

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