20 Jean who is possessive and domineering

"Oh, so you're Miss Emma..."

"Just call me Emma, Mr. Lynn."

"Okay Emma, you can also call me, Lynn."

"Hehe of course, Lynn~"

The two shook hands for a long time which made Jean unhappy.

She frowned, feeling uncomfortable seeing another woman touch Lynn.

Now she even regretted allowing Emma to come with her and introduce her to Lynn.

She pretended to cough and said, "Isn't it about time you two stopped shaking hands?"

Lynn who was enjoying Emma's soft hands immediately withdrew his hand, he almost forgot Jean was still watching at the side.

Looking at Lynn who had removed her hand, Emma giggled at the discomfort on Jean's face.

"Aw~ Jean, are you jealous?"

"Emma... Did you forget what I said about not making trouble?" Jean smiled, but her eyes didn't smile at all as she looked at her.

She pretended to be confused and said, "Uh, but I didn't make trouble, did I Lynn?"

Emma winked at Lynn, she wanted to see who Lynn would support in this situation, her or Jean?

Most guys, they would definitely choose the girl they have known for a long time, but there are also the kind of guys who have a hard time choosing and hesitate when they have to choose one of two beauties. So instead of choosing, they might try to run away while changing the subject.

To seduce a man, you have to see what type of man you are targeting. It just so happens that she has the opportunity to use this trick because of Jean's jealousy, so she wants to know which type Lynn would be in this situation.

But to her surprise, Lynn didn't play according to routine.

He placed one of his hands on Jean's left shoulder, and his other hand on her right shoulder. Then Lynn stood between her and Jean while pulling their bodies slightly towards him.

With a relaxed smile on his handsome face, he said: "I actually had plans to make a barbecue today. Since there are two of you, why don't you two do me a favor and eat barbecue together?"

Feeling Lynn's hand squeezing her shoulder, Jean blushed and quickly said: "Un, if you need help. I will definitely help you."

She looked at his handsome face with a gentle gaze. Completely ignoring that Lynn was also squeezing Emma's shoulder at the same time, at least for now.

Lynn then looked at Emma who was on him right side.

"What about you? Emma, will you do me a favor?"


Emma wanted to say that the man in front of her was a bastard.

The bastard who was so bold as to choose her and Jean at the same time while changing the subject.

This was the first time she had seen a man who was so shameless like him.

Feeling his strong hands even dare to squeeze her shoulders, for the first time she felt the feeling of being dominated by a man. It made her heart beat a little faster than usual and her body temperature rose a few degrees.

"Emma? Why are you silent?" Lynn asked again, this time his face was a little closer to hers.

Emma who saw her face closer became dazed and subconsciously said, "Sure, I'll help you too.

After all, how could she refuse him in this situation?

She peeked at Jean's face and wanted to see how bad the jealousy on her face was, but all she saw was a woman with a gentle and loving gaze as she looked at the face of the man who was holding her with another girl.

Emma wondered if Jean had fallen too far?

She even ignored the actions of her bastard boyfriend who was hugging another girl with her!

"Since you two agreed, let's go to the kitchen." Holding the two beauties in his arms, Lynn pulled them into the kitchen.

His actions looked so natural, even the author wondered if he did this kind of thing often?

As the three of them went to the kitchen, Lynn started to take out the ingredients from the refrigerator and divided the tasks. Jean would cut the vegetables, Emma would cut the meat, and after the cutting task was done they just needed to skewer the vegetables and meat.

As for heimself? He prepared barbecue seasonings and a grill by the pool.

While working, they chatted and joked with each other which confused Emma. Putting aside Jean whom she had known for a long time, but Lynn whom she had just met instantly got along with her, even seemed to know some of her habits and when talking to her, he always chose topics that made her interested in actually chatting.

She didn't even need to pretend to be happy when chatting with him, which made her smile naturally.

Emma realized something was wrong here.

While it was nice to chat with people who knew you well, but Lynn was different. This was obviously the first time the two of them had met, even so he knew her too well!

She even suspected whether Lynn had investigated her before she came here?

If that was true, how many things did he know about her?

While they were busy preparing the barbecue, Lynn had secretly asked Koko to move Natasha who had collapsed in the backyard.

By now that sexy agent should already be in one of the empty rooms in the mansion.

'Good job Koko, come here, we'll have barbecue for lunch.'

A funny voice immediately answered in his mind, 'Barbecue? Un, Koko and Mao Chan will wait while watching TV.'

'Can't you help?'

'Is that necessary?'

From her tone, Koko clearly knew the two people who were helping him.

So is loli's help also needed?

Isn't loli there just to be pampered?

No need to work hard?

Lynn's lips twitched and said again in his mind. 'Okay, you just wait until the barbecue is ready to eat.'

Ending his mental or telepathic call, he was currently by the pool alone and was about to light a fire in the grill.

But Jean's voice suddenly came from behind. "Let me do it."


With a snap of the fingers, a small flame flew from her finger and after hitting the pile of coal. That small flame was enough to make all the coals hot and had a good temperature for roasting meat on it.

Lynn turned to her and said, "You can already control your fire ability?"

"Little. Ever since you calmed that thing down last time, she doesn't seem to mind letting me use her fire a little without taking over my body." Jean said.

She placed a plate of skewers with raw meat and vegetables on the table beside the grill.

"That's good. If you have a good relationship with Phoenix, one day you should be able to use her full power."

Lynn smiled, he was about to grill the prepared meat and vegetables. Even anticipating Jean's curious questions about Phoenix and bla bla bla.

But he did not expect, instead of asking, Jean suddenly walked up to him, grabbed one of his wrists and pulled him behind a tree near the pond.

"Jean, what are you..."

Before he could say anything, with her slender body, she pressed his body against the tree and silenced his mouth with a passionate kiss.

'Crazy, is it just me or does Jean have a tendency to dominate in male-female relationships?'

'By the way, Emma is heading to the pond with the other skewers. Well... Whatever, I actually don't care if she sees us or not.'

Feeling Lynn's arms around her waist, and returning her kisses passionately. Jean was happy and relieved that Lynn did not resist her aggressiveness.

To be honest she was doing this out of jealousy.

She was jealous just because she saw Lynn talking to Emma earlier, even holding hands. Even though she knew it was just a normal handshake, her possessiveness almost made her explode and if she didn't kiss Lynn quickly, she would feel uncomfortable.

She realized that herself seemed like a very possessive woman.

Just seeing the man she liked communicating with another woman, it already made her very uncomfortable and thought of some crazy ideas in her mind.

Right now, inside her head, she even kept saying Lynn's name like crazy.

'Lynn! Lynn! Lynn! Lynn! Lynn! Lynn! Ah! You're mine! Women other than your family can't touch you, even when talking to you, they can't get too close!'

'I know this is too selfish, and I can't force you if you don't agree. But it's only for a while...'

Opening her eyes that were flashing with red light, while kissing, she could see Lynn who had closed his eyes.

His extremely handsome face drove her crazy and kissed him more fiercely.

'As long as I master the power of the creature inside me. At that time, Lynn... You...'

'You will be mine.'

The last was not spoken by her, but another feminine voice in her mind. Jean wanted to scold the bitch, but she knew it was the creature she was referring to.

And since she needed her power, she would close her eyes and pretend not to hear what she just said.

Emma had placed the raw meat and vegetables on the table by the pool. She looked around and wondered where everyone was?

"Lynn! Jean! Where are you guys?"

She called out the two people's names loudly, but she didn't hear any response.

So she used her super ability and focused her sense of hearing to pick up any sound within a 50 meter radius.

Now she could even clearly hear the sounds of the small animals hiding in the mansion.

There were crickets, mice, mosquitoes, birds, the voices of little girls and cats in one of the rooms and...

"Huh? What's that sound?"

There was one voice that sounded strange behind the tree that made her dumbfounded.

'Could it be...'

Emma looked towards the source of the sound and behind one of the trees she could see a bit of Jean's red hair and Lynn's blonde hair.

The two were very close, like their faces were bumping into each other.

As a person who had seen many romantic movies in her spare time, how could she not know what these two were doing in such a position?

Her expression becoming ugly, she felt sour and bitter at having to see a hot scene like this alone.

Especially when she was single and the person Jean was kissing was the target!


At SHIELD headquarters.

Nick Fury was a bit panicked as he hadn't heard anything from agent Natasha Romanoff after 5 hours had passed since he received the last report from her.

Not that Natasha had to report to him every 5 hours of course, but the problem was that SHIELD lost the connection of the device used to detect her whereabouts.

Natasha always wears a tracking device every time she goes on a mission so that SHIELD can find her if something bad happens to her.

And now it's malfunctioning as if it can't find the signal!

Even when he tries to contact Natasha directly from her cell phone, the other party doesn't answer him because her phone is switched off!

Knowing all this, how could he not panic as there was a possibility that he had lost his level 7 agent?

Not only level 7, but Natasha Romanoff is arguably the best agent in SHIELD.

Losing her is also a pretty big loss for SHIELD!

So without hesitation, he called Hill to his office.

"Boss, do you want to send the other agents to look for Natasha's whereabouts?" Hill who had just entered the office quickly responded. She also already knew about Natasha not being able to be tracked and contacted by SHIELD.

Nick Fury nodded with a serious face. "Yes, Hill. Send 20...no, send 50 of our agents to find Natasha's trail! Send them to search the location where Natasha was last seen."

"Then it will be Westchester. I'll send our agents there immediately, boss."

Hill took out a device from her pocket and ordered 50 SHIELD agents to go to Westchester immediately.


When the world has as many problems as usual.

A new superhero was born in New York, in Queens to be exact.

Although it is currently uncertain whether she wants to be a superhero or not, Gwen who has just returned from her school tour is still confused by the new feeling in her body.

Ever since she was bitten by a small spider in Osborn's lab, she felt unwell all over and she fell asleep in the school bus until the school tour was over.

After waking up from her sleep on the bus and returning home, that's when she felt something different about her body.

Her eyesight had become so good that she could now even see a fly clearly from tens of meters away.

Her hearing became so sharp that she could hear from tens of meters away.

Her senses become abnormal so that she can know the danger that is about to befall her, for example, a mosquito that is about to bite her can be slapped in advance when it has just reached a distance of 5 meters from her.

Amazing, right?

Gwen could not help but be amazed at herself.

There was also the feeling that her body was so strong that she felt she could smash her bedroom door with a single kick.

She didn't try that idea of course, her father or mother would probably be angry if she did. So she tried with something else.

She went to her backyard, and kicked the medium-sized tree that stood there.


The kick didn't use all of her strength, but half of the tree she kicked was shattered and enough to make it fall.

The tree slowly tilted, very tilted and fell with a considerable noise.


"...." Seeing what she did to the tree behind her house, Gwen immediately ran into her house and would pretend not to know if her father or mother asked why the tree behind the house fell?

She would answer "I don't know! I was busy studying in my room. Dad, mom, please don't worry too much. Isn't it just a tree?"

Thinking of this, Gwen who had returned to her room was very confident.

'Because now I have superpowers. This kind of thing can't be said to anyone, right?'

'Mom and Dad can't know. With this power, can I become a superhero?'

This idea inexplicably popped into her head, making her excited, but at the same time she was also hesitant.

Do you want to be a superhero?

"I'm just a little strong, is this power enough to become a superhero?"

As if slapping herself when she was being humble, just as she was about to pick up the cell phone on the table, suddenly a spider web came out from her wrist.

The spider web wrapped around her cell phone and pulled it into her grasp.


She didn't know that she could do something like that, okay?

It just happened as if triggered by instinct.

"Maybe because I was bitten by a spider in Osborn's laboratory, it made me have spider powers? If I remember correctly, the spider that bit me didn't even look like a normal spider because it had a white color with pink spots."

Gwen's IQ is above average, she is always top of the class every year at her school. She is an outstanding student and makes her parents proud.

So with just a few clues, she soon connects that the superpower she has is related to the spider that bit her not too long ago.

And that spider must not be an ordinary spider since it could be in Osborn's lab, it must be an experimental spider!

"But so what? Even if I realize it. I'm still confused about what to do with this power?"

As she wondered to herself, she played with her cell phone and suddenly Lynn's figure appeared in her mind.

"Maybe I should ask Lynn... Huh? Why would I want to ask him? Isn't that the same as telling him that I'm not a normal human now?"

Imagining that Lynn would look at him with disgust when he found out what happened to her, she felt hurt and hesitated to tell him.

In the end she kept brooding in her room and thinking hard about whether or not she should tell Lynn and ask him advice on what to do with her super power.

"By the way what is Lynn doing now?"

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