18 Coming to the door? No, Ancient One aren't used to knocking on doors

It's only been 2 hours since the group of monsters that wreaked havoc in Queens were defeated by the superheroes. Almost all TV stations are still airing and discussing the incident.

Not only were they talking about the monsters, they were also talking about Iron Man and the new superheroes that appeared on the scene. Iron Man's prestige, increases to say, was heightened after this incident and even affected the rise in the stock value of Stark Industries which made Tony quite happy.

But after all that, it wasn't the monsters or Iron Man that were the most talked about. Actually, the most talked about was the appearance of another superhero with an unknown identity who helped Iron Man to annihilate the monsters attacking Queens.

Many say that without the appearance of the unidentified superhero, Iron Man wouldn't have even been able to kill all the monsters because he had a hard time breaking the shield that protected the monsters.

Unlike Iron Man, when the unknown superhero arrived, he immediately fired and managed to destroy the shield protecting the monsters, making it easier for Iron Man to continue slaughtering the monsters.

Many of them were more in awe of the unknown superhero, with his handsome looks and cool costumes. Many people naturally started to become his fans, especially single girls in New York who secretly fell in love with the unknown superhero's good looks.

Since they didn't know the superhero's name, many of them also started recommending cool names on the internet and people's posts voting for the new superhero's name also became trending topics.

In the end it was decided that with the name that had the most votes, the new superhero was nicknamed...

Lynn had no idea that people on the internet had already decided on his superhero name by voting.

Right now he had just returned to his mansion after eating toast with Gwen and taking her home.

Their relationship seemed to be getting better, which made Lynn quite satisfied with this development.

Expectedly, in the near future Gwen would also fall and introduce him to her parents.

Cough, the last one was a joke.

It was still too soon for that and he still had Jean in the first queue.

By the way, Pepper has also given the good news that Tony agreed to work together with him for the Tik Tok app and he left a message for Pepper to deliver to him saying: "Mr. second-largest shareholder, I don't know what exactly you want to do with social networking apps."

"But whatever it is, it's just a small matter, consider it my reward for being so optimistic about my genius."

Message in a narcissistic style, as expected from Tony Stark.

Lynn smiled wryly, speaking of which in the near future Tony should realize that he has palladium poisoning.

Lynn wondered if he should give Tony a hint about a new element that could cure his palladium poisoning?

Actually the drug is very close to him, but in the original work Tony took quite a while to realize that the things his father left behind were the key to saving his life.

If Nick Fury hadn't given Tony a clue in the original work, Iron Man would probably be the shortest-lived superhero in US history. And in Avengers Endgame there will be no Iron Man snapping his fingers to save the universe!

Who will stop Thanos if Iron Man dies early? In the original work, it is up to the author to decide whether to sacrifice Captain America, Captain Marvel, Hulk, Thor or other characters who could potentially be the best dead person in the movie's ending.

Of course that's only in the original work, in this world, even if Iron Man dies early, Lynn would probably be the one who would slap Thanos to death and that's without sacrificing himself of course.

Don't ask if he can do it because he can definitely do it with his system that is basically cheated.

Even before reaching the plot of Endgame, Lynn worried that his power at that time might have exceeded Thanos who was at the sub-god father level.

"By the way Koko, I want to ask why monsters from other universes can come to this universe?"

Koko who was riding Mao Chan in the living room turned her head and said innocently. "Koko doesn't know."

"Huh? Shouldn't you know something? After all, the first time we came to this world, you told me that this is the Marvel and MCU universes combined."

Koko was silent for a moment before saying, "Koko doesn't know."


The former kept repeating the same word and the cat she was riding meowed as if to support her.

Ah no, actually Mao Chan was just complaining that she wanted Koko to get off her back because she was sleepy and wanted to sleep.

"...." Lynn sighed looking at the two. By the way since when did he understand cat language?

At this moment, suddenly sparks like fireworks appeared in the living room.

Lynn frowned and said to Koko and Mao Chan.

"You two, play in the other room."

Koko understood, Mao Chan understood and she immediately walked to the other room with Koko on her back.

Watching the two leave, he saw a portal open and a bald figure in ancient robes came out from inside the portal.

"Sorry to disturb you, Mr. Lynn."

"It's okay, Ancient One. I actually rather expected you to meet me sooner or later. Please have a seat."

Lynn was only slightly surprised and immediately recognized the bald figure in ancient robes in front of him as one of the boss characters among mages, the Suprime Mage or commonly called the Ancient One.

The other party was the one who had guarded the earth for hundreds or perhaps thousands of years. Not many people recognized her, and only people related to Kamar-Taj and people at the same level or above her might know about her.

Ancient One smiled, "Thank you" and after sitting down, she immediately said, "Mr. Lynn seems to know me? You also seem to know a lot."

Lynn did not bother to hide that he knew her, he smiled and said: "Wait a minute, does Ancient One want to drink some juice or something sweet? As long as it's not tea, I have it."

"Juice is fine too, it's rich in vitamins and good for health." Ancient One did not reject Lynn's hospitality, or rather this made the atmosphere between the two more comfortable.

Lynn went to the kitchen for a while and after returning he placed a glass of orange juice in front of Ancient One.

Ancient One took the orange juice and took a sip.

"Um, it tastes fresh."

Seeing Ancient One drink the drink he was given without suspicion, Lynn was a little confused, he wondered if Ancient One wasn't worried about him poisoning her?

As if seeing his confusion, Ancient One smiled kindly and explained. "I believe Mr. Lynn would not use tricks like putting poison in my drink. From my observations, you are not that kind of person."

Lynn nodded, well now that he thought about it, the Ancient One must have observer on him a lot secretly in the past year, right?

Ancient One pretended to cough, "Actually it's not much, I only observe you occasionally because I also know how to respect other people's privacy."

"...Okay, I believe it, but Ancient One, can you stop reading my mind?"

Lynn's lips twitched, this mage had not long said about respecting the privacy of others, but she was reading other person's minds.

Ancient One smiled apologetically, "Mr. Lynn, I'm not reading your mind. It's just an expression reading skill that I've honed many times."

"So I can catch a glimpse of what you're thinking as long as it's within my range."

"Sorry if that makes you uncomfortable."

Hearing the Ancient One's sincere apology, Lynn felt complicated, it was hard to get angry at someone like this, especially when the other party was stronger than him.

And her polite and humble friendly attitude despite being stronger than him, made him somewhat embarrassed if he thought evil of her.

Lynn could only sigh and nod as if accepting her apology.

"Mr. Lynn good person." Ancient One threw the good person card.

Lynn smiled wryly and shook his head. "No, I'm not a nice person. I'm sure you know I don't care enough to help aimless strangers. For example, when I ignored the people who were kidnapped by those beings from another universe. You must have seen it, right? Ancient One?"

Ancient One nodded, "I also saw that you wanted to make a deal with them."

Lynn was not surprised that Ancient One knew about it and said calmly. "Yes, so you should know that I'm not a good person. But you don't have to worry, the deals I made with those beings from other universes had nothing to do with destroying the earth, world domination, or something."

"I'm just interested in other universes."

He explained because he also didn't want the Ancient One to misunderstand that he had bad intentions of destroying the earth that she had protected for so long.

Since he knew the Ancient One from the original work, Lynn knew what the Ancient One wanted to protect was the earth itself, not the people living on it because for someone as powerful as him to have lived for so long. Human life, in the eyes of the Ancient One did not have much meaning because she had seen too many deaths in her life, which made her numb about human life and death.

But of course, it wasn't that the Ancient One really didn't care, it was just that she was rather indifferent about it.

Lynn knows this, which is precisely why he isn't even afraid to make a deal with the Abyss Order from another universe and ignore some of the people they kidnapped because they have nothing to do with him.

Honestly, if Gwen wasn't with him at that time, he would probably just rescue the children and send them away without caring about them anymore.

He was only slightly concerned, but more indifferent if it was about people who had nothing to do with him and did not interest him.

"Being a good person doesn't mean you have to care about everyone in the world. I think Mr. Lynn is a good person because he only cares about people who are related to him."

"And unlike other people who fall into excessive evil and greed when they have a lot of power, Mr. Lynn seems to be a person who would rather enjoy life while caring about the people around him."

"For example, not long ago you tried to help Jean Grey for the problem of social discrimination experienced by mutants, and for the sake of Gwen Stacy, you were willing to pretend to care to help a stranger."

"With your power, you could have used domineering means to gain those two beauties. But you chose the gentle way because you wanted them to fall in love with you honestly."

"Mr. Lynn, you are a good person."

Ancient One said all that with a smile.

Lynn opened his mouth slightly, not knowing what to say since Ancient One was even aware of his ulterior motives for helping the heroines!

It was a bit embarrassing to be exposed by Ancient One about this, especially seeing the other party's friendly smile that said he was a good person.

Lynn pretended to cough and said, "About your first question. Ancient One, do I still have to answer it? I don't mind telling you a little."

Ancient One, who was still smiling, knew Lynn trying to change the topic.

She nodded gently. "If Mr. Lynn doesn't mind, I wonder why before I introduced myself, you seemed to already know me?"

Lynn was pleased that Ancient One had successfully persuaded to change the topic. To her question, he immediately said: "Ancient One, you must know I'm from another universe, right?"

"Yes, one year ago was the time you first came to this universe."

Lynn nodded. "Before I came here, I knew quite a lot of information about this universe. For example, people like you, the Supreme Mage who guards the earth. Odin, the God King of Asgard who rules the nine realms. Important people who will role in saving the world and the universe in the future."

"Many of them, I know about their future and past. At least from what I remember."

He was of course not saying that the people in this universe he knew because he had read or watched from a work of fiction such as comics and movies.

Lynn felt it would be too much to tell Ancient One that she was a character he knew from a movie he had seen in another universe.

Although he was sure Ancient One would remain calm with her personality that had been honed over thousands of years. But just in case another problem occurred, he could only say he knew without mentioning the details of where his information came from.

Ancient One fell silent hearing what Lynn said. She didn't look surprised, but looked curious and asked questions.

"If Mr. Lynn knows something about the future, do you also know about what Thanos will do in the future?"

Lynn smiled playfully, he made a gesture with his hand and snapped his fingers. "That's what Thanos will do in the future if the future timeline doesn't change much."

Seeing this, Ancient One was sure Lynn really knew what happened in the future. At least major events like what Thanos did, he knew correctly.

"By the way I also know about Strange. In many timelines, you often choose him to be the next Suprime Mage after you retire by pretending to be dead." Lynn added.

This time the Ancient One widened her eyes slightly. "You know about that too, Mr. Lynn."

"Yes, of course not everything. Besides, my future knowledge might not be useful if the original timeline changes."

"If something goes wrong in the future, I don't know. Unlike you, who can check the future using your Time Gem, Ancient One."

Lynn said that while looking at the necklace that Ancient One was wearing.

He knew inside that necklace was one of the Infinite Gems, which was the most valuable treasure in the Marvel universe.

Just like the other five Infinite Gems, the Time Gem also has a very strong power and it deals with the laws of time, future and past.

That little thing was scary, Lynn knew, but for now he didn't have the greed to get his hands on an Infinite Gem.

He even looked innocently at the necklace worn by the Ancient One only to say that he knew it contained a Time Gem, one of the Infinite Gems.

Ancient One was not surprised that Lynn also knew about the Time Gem she was wearing as a necklace. To be honest, she was a little surprised only because Lynn was not actually tempted by the Time Gem, even when it was right in front of his eyes.

In Lynn's eyes, she could see no greed or desire to possess one of the Infinite Gems in front of him.

It made her sigh in relief, and her impression of Lynn Allen became even better. There was even a hint of admiration as she looked at him.

After all, not many people could resist the temptation to possess one of the Infinite Gems, especially when that person knew how powerful and terrifying it would be to collect all the Infinite Gems in this universe.

Just having one was enough to drive one crazy.

Let alone collecting them all? According to legend, collecting six Infinite Gems can make one invincible in the universe, and even becoming the ruler of the universe is possible!

"What Mr. Lynn said is true, I can check the future timeline changes at any time with the Time Gem."

"But that was back then, now I can only see a little bit."

Ancient One smiled wryly, and Lynn was dumbfounded.

"Wait, what do you mean? Oh, I see. You're not strong enough right now, which is why you can't use the Time Gem properly, right?"

Ancient One shook her head and said, "No. I'm still in good shape, and it's actually more like right now this universe has too many timelines connected to other universes."

"The power of the Time Gem also has a limit, seeing one universe is the limit."

Hearing this, Lynn was silent for a moment, but he soon realized. This was the combined universe of Marvel and MCU after all!

Basically two universes in one!

But Ancient One said she couldn't do it now or more like recently.

What does that mean?

The merger of Marvel and MCU should have taken place long ago in this universe, even before he transmigrated.

But from Ancient One's words, Time Gem has become less effective recently?

Lynn suddenly thought of something, and he scratched his cheek. "Sorry Ancient One, could it be because I made a deal with beings from another universe a few hours ago?"

Ancient One shook her head while laughing slightly. "No, Mr. Lynn it's actually not your fault. Even without you making a deal with beings from other universes, other universes still have a way to connect with this universe."

"And it's because of that connection that many of this universe's timelines are connected to other universes, which makes the Time Gem even less effective at seeing many future timelines."

Hearing this, Lynn breathed a sigh of relief because it wasn't his fault. But he frowned because it seemed like the future was becoming more and more troublesome.

"Ancient One, do you know what causes other universes to be connected to this universe?"

"...." Ancient One became silent, she seemed hesitant to say what she knew.

Lynn wondered if his question was too sensitive?

"If you can't say it, then you don't have to tell me, Ancient One."

"I'm sorry, Mr. Lynn. I'm not really sure either. But for whatever happens in the future, I hope Mr. Lynn will always be as he is now and not fall."

Ancient One said in a mysterious manner, she seemed to have confirmed something. So she quickly finished her orange juice and left politely.

"...." Sitting in the living room, Lynn was silent alone.

Turning his head towards the balcony, he could see the beautiful afternoon sky with a few birds occasionally flying here and there.

Koko returned to the living room, and she was seen holding a ball of light in her hand.

"Host, you have a new reward."

Shaking off the complicated thoughts in his mind, Lynn turned to Koko and smiled.

'Right, as long as I'm strong enough. Whatever happens in the future, I have nothing to fear. More universes connected? So what?'

'It'll just be more exciting events that will happen and I'll have fun in them.'

Taking the ball of light from Koko's hand, it immediately erupted into spots of golden light and entered his body.

Immediately, the system screen displayed what reward he had gotten.

[Ding! Congratulations host, you got 40 Anodite power fragments!]


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