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After my world is flipped upside down, I find myself with a system with the sole ability to allow one to travel the Omniverse...

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The War of Two Words 6

The Naruto verse had many galaxies, each galaxy was under a clan. all life other than the clan's main branch is considered plants awaiting harvest. of course, they didn't want to destroy all life around the universe, so some regions were given breaks to recover life, while other regions marked green, as they were ready for a harvest.

Back in my home, there were like 3,000 solar systems within the Milky Way galaxy. A solar system was a sun that had a group of planets orbiting it. to get this wasn't simple, as an unstable orbit could destroy the whole solar system. My world had over 400 billion stars within the galaxy, and out of all of that only about 3,000? Of course, I never personally went out to fact-check NASA,

Now, how many solar systems did the Naruto verse have? they have dozens of billions. each solar system built in perfect condition to await life. this was their farms, so of course they made everything perfect for the growth of life.

In the center of the galaxy, there was a massive black hole that held the galaxy together. This went for every galaxy... well, almost all of them. this is what gave each galaxy its unique look, as it was spinning, being sucked towards the black hole.

but these black holes were unique, as the Ōtsutsuki clan had built their clan within the black hole. to say the least, they had to rewrite the rules of reality to make such a thing possible and work, so within the Naruto verse, every black hole leads to another dimension, 

At the moment, the galaxy in which the Naruto anime took place is... let's call it the Ramen Way galaxy. Within the black hole of the galaxy, one would find one huge sun size planet that had many planets in the sky. One could just look up and see a planet with rings, and others without rings.

On the planet, many beautiful buildings fill the planet. One can see many Ōtsutsuki clansmen walking on the ground, or flying in the sky. Of course, those noble members of the clan had bigger and more beautiful houses, while those of lower classes had houses that best suited them.

"Mommy, I want to go to sleep." On a busy street, at the moment, a cute little girl held her mother's hand while rubbing her eyes. her mother, seeing this waved her hand, creating wind that gathered around the little girl, having her fly into her arms.

"Did you stay up all night again on those toys?" She asked with narrowed eyes, to which the little girl avoided eye contact while playing with her fingers. The mother shook her head, helpless with her daughter.

"Tomorrow you will start training to become powerful, so one day you can evolve and become a god. you have to work hard, the weak are to be stepped upon, while the strong are to be respected." She said softly, to which the little girl nodded with a hint of annoyance, she had heard this speech countless times over.

The mother was about to speak, but the little girl's curious and confused voice entered her head, causing her to look at her.

"Mommy, what's that?" the little girl asked while looking at the sky. the mother looked up in confusion, just to freeze seeing an endless wave of army shooting out of the portal, filling the heavens. 

She let out a scream before running, the scream alerting everyone to look into the sky where they saw the army falling from the heavens. chaos instantly broke out, many rushed home with their family, while those capable fighters stood, to face the incoming army.

Not all of them were fighters, for commoners like them, they just had the strength of at most 10 humans.

"Hurry and run!" the guards who were walking down the streets to keep the peace yelled at the crowd, while he shot into the sky. flames which had the power to burn the sun itself gathered around his body before they gathered into his palm. A huge fireball formed, which he threw at the army.

He expected this fireball to do the trick, but to his shock, a death knight held its shield, blocking the attack by using [Perfect Block]. This would shock many players if they saw the scene of a Death Knight having such an ability. The Death Knight moved to the side, allowing a Death Knight to use [Perfect Attack], but the odd thing was that the Death Knight didn't charge the attack.

With a flash, the Death Knight cut the air in front of him, sending a sword slash shooting forward, and cutting the Ōtsutsuki in half with almost zero resistance. the rest of the Death Knights also did the same, they all seemed to have the [War God] Job class, and with it came perfect martial arts capability as their bodies moved and reacted on their own.

Each Death Knight came in a group of 4, each working together to protect and block. It was a blood bath as they didn't have a cooldown on their abilities, a scary sight as they can keep using these overpowered abilities over and over. Those killed by the Undead transformed into undead, their bodies healing and turning their blades towards their former allies... screams of pain and horror filled everyone's ears as they tried their best to resist, to no use.

Within the capital, one could find the most beautiful and largest of houses. there, dragons opened their mouth, launching down [Primal Dragons Breath] down upon the world below, these attacks ignored all resistance and durability, leaving the world down below in chaos.

Demon Lords rained [Hell's Flames] from the heavens, flames which attacked both the soul and bodies while ignoring all defenses as they were neither physical nor spiritual. 

Demi-humans ran on the streets, slaughtering everyone in their path. it was a complete blood bath as these Demi-Humans were all Beast Kings. the true peak of all Demi-humans were Beast Kings, a Lion Beast King, A Tiger Beast King, A lizard man Beast King, and so on. these very beast kings ran the streets, summoning more demi-humans of their kind to join them in battle.

"You dare!" A roar shook the dimension as a punch shot forward, destroying everything in the path of that punch. Even if they used [Perfect Block], the ability was destroyed along with the user. looking toward where the punch came from, one would see a bald Ōtsutsuki clansman floating into the sky while glaring down at the army in front of him,

He was about to act, but he suddenly found himself growing weaker. stunned and confused, he looked on in horror as he was swallowed by an attack, which killed him, before turning him into an undead.

those powerhouses on the planet instantly wanted to flee, but they found space was locked. space-time abilities were cut off from working, and no one could flee.

"Surrender, those who surrender shall not be killed." Leading this army, was a powerhouse... it was Kaguya. She was tasked with conquering her former home. even when her father and mother joined the battle, she could only tell them to surrender, which caused them to nearly cough up a mouthful of blood seeing the daughter they had raised doing such things.

But Kaguya didn't have those she cared for die, even her parents and close friends she had were just captured and imprisoned.

Galaxy after Galaxy, all of them were being attacked at the same time.... well, thats a lie. there were trillions of galaxies out there. we didn't have the manpower, but we were hitting those under the hands of the Ōtsutsuki clan, as for the rest? we will deal with them later.

In the center of the galaxy, there was one huge galaxy, over 50 million light-years long. At the moment, it too was being attacked, but this galaxy was the true heart and core of the Ōtsutsuki clan. this is where the powerful Ōtsutsuki clansman with the power to destroy thousands of galaxies with a single attack called home.

Izanagi, Izanami, Kamui, Kotoamatsukami, and the many supreme gods shot forward, trying to defeat the overwhelming army before them. Yet to their horrors, these armies suppressed their powers as they neared. To make things worse, more powerful lifeforms appeared, 

Itachi appeared before Izanami, his sword shooting forward to take Izanami's head. Izanami's head was cut cleanly off, leaving her shocked. Izanami was the brother of Izanagi, for her to be killed with one attack showed just how heavily her powers were being limited thanks to their aura.

But her body disappeared like an illusion as trillions of her clones appeared, all attacking towards Itachi. Itachi looked at the incoming attacks, all of the attacks and clones were all illusions, illusions that tricked reality itself, meaning they were as good as any real thing. Itachi eyes were calm, you see there was a reason he was the leader of the royal nights. it wasn't because I favored him... No, it's because of the power he awakened.

"W-what!" Izanami screamed in shock seeing the illusions all disappearing before they could land an attack, leaving her alone. She looked at Itachi who was just looking at her, 

"So, you're the strongest genjutsu user of your clan? Looks like my Tartarus bits your illusions." I said calmly, leaving Izanami shocked while looking around. her illusions were so powerful that they could rewrite reality itself like her brother. She and her brother were about equals. her brother had the power of reality, while she held the power of unreality, such as dreams and illusion. She could just make things, in reality, become illusion, or make illusion become reality. she only fell to her brother as his powers were an edge above hers.

"What do you want," Izanami said with a darkened face as she saw just how complex this illusion is. This illusion was birthed from Itachi's lack of control over his reality, that hopelessness as he tortured himself for the sake of some greater good in life. This illusion flipped everything, giving Itachi the control, the power, and the might to do what he wanted.

"time outside flows extremely slow compared to in this illusion. you were in my illusion before I even made a move." Itachi said calmly while wandering back to the moment he got these powers.

Small Flashback...

"Itachi, you are a man with a will few can match. but there is a way to push your willpower even higher. the stronger your will, the more broken the power you can awaken. Are you willing to go through the torture? I will warn you, it might leave you as a broken man. but if you fight through it, you will come out as a man with a will so powerful, that the changes in your emotions could affect things around you." I said with a smile while looking at Itachi who was lying on a lab table.

"... If I may ask, what do you mean by willpower? Many think willpower is the power to never give up, to fight even if things look impossible... but I'm not so sure." Itachi said while looking at me.

"Well, I think willpower is the power to remain yourself. through loss, pain, suffering, and all forms of hardships. you can stand up and look forward. those like Naruto who might have strong willpower are in my opinion weak. they look like they are unbreakable... but I can think of thousands of ways to break him, and thats me not even touching him. Having an unbreakable willpower is impossible, anything can be broken. when someone of such willpower breaks, they fall the hardest. But having a flexible and yet powerful willpower... I think thats the most beautiful thing. sure you can bend, that shows you can look at things from more than one point of view. but in the end, you would return to being straight," I said to which Itachi nodded as that was the type of person he was.

"Knowing your limit isn't a weakness, but a strength. taking a step backward, and getting ready to attack later is something I fully support. not knowing your limit and rushing into danger, knowing that you would die without getting anything done is just stupidity. it's just one hoping luck is on their side." I said to which Itachi took a deep breath before speaking.

"then I'm ready... if I fell, I would like to take it again if possible," Itachi said to which I smiled at him.

"oh? I'm unsure if you would be able to take the test again. but go ahead... if you pass this, you will become my knight depending on the power you awaken." I said to which Itachi closed his eyes, and so he was thrown into an illusion. the talk we had was erased to some degree, and he didn't even know that it was an illusion. and there, he found himself on a cross, before him were members of the Uchiha clan, and in the front of them was the girl he had loved. 

But she was an old woman, this was because he had put her in an illusion, before killing her, and in that illusion, he lived a life he would have wanted with her. That illusion lasted years, but in reality, not even 0.001 seconds had passed. her mind living out such a long time had caused her to grow old,

"... You killed us? you betrayed your clan for what?" She screamed while stabbing forward, that sword wasn't aimed aimlessly, but aimed to cause the most possible pain. Itachi screamed in pain, but not from being stabbed, he had felt worse and didn't make a sound. what hurt was her words.

"I couldn't allow a civil war to break out. The Uchiha clan would have lost, and the Hidden Leaf would no longer be the strongest village. A World War would have broken out... I couldn't allow that." Itachi said in a soft voice. Itachi had been traumatized by war as a kid, he was a genius and thought years ahead of those of his age as a kid. So, when he saw the death and suffering war brought, all he saw was how greed leads to both parties losing. no one wins in a war, yet people are so quick to do such things.

At times, he questioned what was the point of life, and nearly took his own life as he thought living was meaningless, there was no point to it. but he found meaning in his family, mostly his little brother.

The Uchiha clan going to war with the hidden leaf would have meant the whole clan surely being slaughtered. so he did the best thing... slaughter the clan, ensure his little brother's safety, and prevent another war. Of course, he tried to talk to the clan. But his father who was the clan head at the time was headstrong, unyielding in hunger for war.

But the torture didn't stop as he was stabbed over and over by everyone he killed that day. yet he didn't ask them to stop, just accepting it all as punishment for his sins... but that all stopped after a moment, as a talk he had with me flashed across his head.


"Thank you for bringing me back to life... but my sins are heavy, I should have stayed dead," Itachi said while bowing before me.

"Is that not a cowardly way to see things?" I asked confusing Itachi who looked at me in confusion.

"What you did was heavy... but if the guilt of it is eating you up, is death not the easy way out? Instead, why not stay alive and undo your sins with good? Work for a way to live with your loved ones, your mother, your father, and your brother. you also have a woman who loves you deeply, and she doesn't hate you for anything you have done and even supports you. you gave her an illusion, why not turn that illusion into reality? Just accepting your fate or so-called death is you taking the easy path. thats even more so when you are sure what you did was the right thing." I said to which Itachi gritted his teeth, and after a moment, he began crying while nodding.

Flashback end

And so, within that hell, Itachi fought back. He was sure he wasn't dead, he refused to take the easy path in life. Until his dying breath, he will do his best to protect the peace that was brought to this cruel world...

But that was just the first part of the torture Itachi went through. The nest was him torturing himself, forcing himself to rewatch the night he slaughtered his clan. but he got past that and moved through all forms of pain, spiritual, physical, emotional, and so on. many times he almost fell, so the torture stopped, bringing him back to reality where he caught his breath and jumped back into that. In the end, a monster was born...

Flash Back end

"What do you want to do with me?" She asked with an uneasy voice as she felt something bad was about to happen.

"I'm leading this army, as a show to the Supreme one of my worth... I will break your mind, heart, and spirit. I will break you to the point your main body kneels before the might of the supreme ones." Itachi said calmly, to which she sneered and gathered everything she had, she shattered the illusion and shot towards Itachi who was actually behind her, and punched him, killing him with one hit.

"All that and you were so weak?" She sneered, before shooting forward, joining the others and defeating the army, before fighting against these so-called Supreme ones. They were also easily defeated before they brought back all of the clansmen who died in the war before everything went back to normal.

Countless years went by, millions of years to be in fact until the goal of the Ōtsutsuki was done. what was their goal? This world was just a farm, and also a training ground for more Ōtsutsuki clansmen.

with countless of them becoming Supreme gods, they joined them in the higher dimension in their war with the many powerhouses up there to conquer the world, and they did that after billions of years of hard-fought battle.

Her brother was fighting alone on one battlefield with the powerhouse of another clan, Izanagi ended up winning, although it left him extremely tired. She made her move and got her revenge on her brother. it was she and him who came together to birth the Ōtsutsuki clan, she wasn't given the chance to say no or yes. She was forced to have countless children, and Izanagi forced those children to carry each other children, that way the bloodline would remain pure and strong... she hated him and the clan.

long ago, she had worked on something called the Jogen, something she wanted to use to kill him. but no one came around lucky enough to be born with that power, maybe someone did and they died before they could awaken it, she didn't know.

but whatever, now she killed her brother and took his power, now she was the strongest being alive. As she floated there, with the power of illusion and reality, she began laughing seeing after so many years she had won... but her laugh slowly died down as she stood before Itachi.

"I'm leading this army, as a show to the Supreme one of my worth... I will break your mind, heart, and spirit. I will break you to the point your main body kneels before the might of the supreme ones." Itachi said calmly, it had been so long that Izanami had a hard time remembering, but she soon remembered the Ant Itachi she had killed long ago... no, all that time was an illusion.

"Impossible, my powers must be clashing with Izanagi's powers. I just have to get the hang of it." She said unwilling to accept this, just for her to open her eyes from her throne.

she looked around in confusion, not knowing how she got there. she looked at her assistant who carried out everything she was too lazy to do. She looked around, and soon realized it was the day after her clan was attacked by Itachi and the others.

She held her head, was that all a dream? She didn't know, but she went on to have her main body double-check everything to ensure she was in no illusion, and seeing as everything was okay, she sat back although with some unease... 10 billion years later, she looked at Izanagi with a hateful look.

"Good try sister, but you could never defeat me. Wake up to reality, you're lies can never beat the truth." Izanagi said while looking at his sword which had stabbed through his sister. She thought he was in a weakened state and tried to kill him, later she knew that was a trape.

"I hate you..." She said hatefully, just to freeze as words entered her ears.

"I'm leading this army, as a show to the Supreme one of my worth... I will break your mind, heart, and spirit. I will break you to the point your main body kneels before the might of the supreme ones." Itachi said calmly,

Izanami stood there, horror filling her eyes at the sight before her. how could she have still been in the illusion all this time?

"Do you submit? I see your hatred towards your brother, why not just work with us to get revenge?" Itachi asked calmly, Izanami looked at him in fear, but in the end, nodded although still scared. and so they left the illusion.

billions upon billions of years later.

"Y-you betrayed us?" Itachi asked while holding the hole in his chest, he couldn't help but look all around him at the many lifeless supreme beings.

"All these years, going from world to world... I was scared that we were still in a genjutsu, but it seemed like I was too scared for nothing. Not even your genjutsu could last that long." She said with a cold smile

"Yes, you help me kill my brother. honestly, it's been so long that I forgot why I hated him. it so small now... what I do care about is the fact you make me question my reality, it strengthened my powers... but still, I will never forgive you for that." She said with a cold sneer, which froze.

"I'm leading this army, as a show to the Supreme one of my worth... I will break your mind, heart, and spirit. I will break you to the point your main body kneels before the might of the supreme ones." Itachi said calmly,

Izanami stood there, her eyes going blank. she blinked for some time before tears fell down her eyes. She looked at Itachi, with a wronged look while she just cried.