41 Victory and... Dropped Items?!


[The Goblin Champion HP has reached 20%!]

[The Goblin Champion has entered on its Berserk Mode!]

Frank's System alerted him about the changes within the Boss, clearing showing that the System itself had somehow created this creature to foment Frank's growth, something that seemed to have never happened inside a Hunting Domain, or at least in all of the ones where Matsuo has ever been.

"This is such a strange anomaly, how did this even happen? I have to report this to the clan's elders and the great ancestor asap afterwards!" thought Matsuo with a concerned expression.

"GRRAAAAAARRR!" roared the Goblin Champion on its Berserk Mode, its entire club became covered in flames as it increases its speed as well as its offense.

The club began to demolish the ground and any nearby tree, while setting the entire forest ablaze, making any Goblin nearby run away in fear.

"This is ridiculous, it's really like a game… But I wonder if this is a normal phenomenon or is my System the one doing it all?! It would be worrying if it was the first option, as I would have to somehow explain this to Matsuo later on…" thought Frank, moving around the Goblin Champion while barely evading its attacks, although its physical attacks were evaded, the flames crossed large distance, reaching him a few times, thankfully, he used his Gift of Life Skill to heal his wounds, and Dirt to create handfuls of dirt to set off the flames on his clothes, this Skill came out unexpectedly useful in this situation.

"Agh, these flames and the heat that this giant is producing… is it like its own domain…?" wondered Frank as he noticed that three meters around the Goblin Champion seemed awfully hot compared to outside of this range, and he even noticed how he received burn damage each time he stepped in there… Thankfully, due to Ruby, Frank had acquired the Fire and Burn Resistance Skill, so the amount of Burn Damage and Fire Damage that he was receiving was reduced a bit.

Meanwhile, Matsuo used his Light Barriers to shield himself while conjuring rays of light from his fingers towards the Goblin Champion.

The Goblin Champion's senses had been sharpened after entering Berserk Mode, as it managed to evade some of Matsuo's attacks while intercepting others with the swing of its club, destroying the attacks through the blazing attacks. However, it was not capable of intercepting or evading two at the same time, as Frank kept firing Spiral Mana Bullets while running around and evading the Goblin Champion's attacks and flames.

"GRRROOAAR…!" roared the Goblin Champion, jumping towards Frank as if it were a blazing meteorite, Frank tried to evade but the flames released by the shockwave created after the Goblin Champion hit the ground with its legs flew towards Frank, almost skewering him alive!


However, Matsuo came to the rescue with his light barrier, shielding Frank in the last second!

"This thing… the moment it changed, it became as strong as a Rank 3 Monster!" said Matsuo with awe and disbelief in his voice.

"Thanks for the rescue…" said Frank.

"Don't worry about it. Also, it seems to be weakened already, let's kill it once and for all!" said Matsuo.

"On it!" said Frank, as he began to concentrate a large amount of Mana within the tip of his spear!


"Oh? You are doing a charged attack? Very well, I will let you take the spotlight as I distract it!" said Matsuo as he rushed around the Goblin Champion and began to conjure more rays, distracting the monster while slowly lowering its HP.

Meanwhile, Frank began to concentrate his Mana capacities within the tip of his spear, his mind was set solely in the task as Matsuo gave himself the job of distracting the Goblin Champion.


The concentration of Mana grew larger and larger, becoming a sphere as big as one meter!

"Now… spiral!" said Frank, using the 'Mana Control' Skill to control his own mana to do as he ordered it to do, the mana began to spiral as the giant sphere was done!

"Now, Matsuo!" said Frank, Matsuo nodded as he threw his light barrier towards the Goblin Champion, blocking its metallic club attack and confusing him.

"Great Spiral Mana Cannon!" said Frank, giving a quick name to the new spell he designed using pure mana as its base.


The giant sphere of spiraling mana was launched just like a cannonball towards the distracted Goblin Champion's torso, hitting it with great force and then bursting into a loud explosion.



The Goblin Champion groaned in pain as the damage dealt by Frank's new spell was just enough for its HP to fall to zero!


The Goblin Champion began to slowly turn into black smoke as well, as many little shiny things fell from within its body before completely disappearing. The flames it produced also disappeared with it, but the forest was still quite burnt.


[You gained a huge amount of EXP!]

[Your level has raised to 7!]

[The Levels of the [Gray Magic (Innate): Level 1], and [Fire and Burn Resistance: Level 1] Skills have increased!]

"It's done… Phew…" muttered Frank, as he fell head on the burn floor.

"Frank…!" said Matsuo, running towards Frank with a concerned expression.

Frank raised his hand as he gave Matsuo a thumbs up.

"I'm fine man, I just ran out of Mana completely… I feel sluggish… Oh, it's back" said Frank quickly getting up as his Mana Recovery was outstanding, in ten seconds he was almost back to normal.

"What is your mana recovery?! Anyways, we are done with this, so let's go back and report this to the elders and the great ancestor, this is a dangerous event, perhaps something has changed in the Domain and it needs to be repaired or destroyed and remade" said Matsuo.

"Not without taking on the loot first, of course," said Frank, walking towards the shiny lights resting below the smoke of the burn forest.

"Loot? You mean the Magic Crystal?" asked Matsuo.

Frank ignored Matsuo's words as he kneeled and moved the smoke away from the 'loot', below where the Goblin Champion had perished laid four different items!

"Oh? So Boss Monsters drop items unlike normal ones… Could it be because of the system too?" wondered Frank, as he glanced at the items in the ground.

There was a medium-sized glass bottle filled with a red and bubbling liquid, a large, fist sized purple-colored Mana Crystal, a one small cubic-shaped, green-colored jewel with a strange marking on its multiple faces, and the same metallic club that the Goblin Champion was carrying.

Matsuo walked towards Frank as he glanced at the items in the ground with perplexity in his eyes.

"What the… From where those things came from?!" asked Matsuo in disbelief.

"From the Boss… Matsuo, I have something to confess to you… I know we have been only meeting for almost four days now, but… I think my powers caused this thing to show up," said Frank. He decided to be honest instead of awaking suspiciousness later on due to hiding his abilities way too much with those that were his sworn allies. If he wanted to survive in the underworld, he needed his allies to trust him thoughtfully.

"You… Your ability… did it?!" asked Frank.

"(I will not reveal him the world traveling part though…)" thought Frank, as he glanced at Matsuo and then waved his hands, suddenly in front of Matsuo's eyes, holographic windows appeared. Frank had let him glance at his 'Ability'.

"The abilities you have seen me using were simply a part of my actual ability, which is this thing. I was hit by lightning in my sleep, and this thing came to be as my power… It is a bit embarrassing to reveal something like this, but I believe that you're a good person, so I decided on revealing this much to you…" said Frank.

"That's… Frank… Such a strange ability…" muttered Matsuo as he glanced at the holographic windows appearing within his sight.

"With this, I've become something… similar to a game-like character. I can learn Skills, and even level up, increase my stats, equip items, and even generate items as long as I have enough source energy… like the magic crystals…" said Frank, he needed to be honest and straightforward.

"Agh! Now I am envious! Okay, I get it! I get it! It was hard to tell me and all… But still! Man, that's broken! It's broken!" said Matsuo as he raised his arms.

"Okay calm down, you better not go telling this to anyone outside of the Clan… I believe that the great ancestor might already know, due to how she was able to see through my abilities the moment she set sight into me" said Frank.

"Is that so? Then I guess it will be easier to explain… So you generated that Boss?" asked Matsuo.

"Not exactly… or maybe? Well, there was a Quest, which was about killing twenty Goblins. I completed it and then boom! The big Boss showed up," said Frank.

"That's… also part of your ability then! And you can even generate items like these… This is like a very advanced Miner ability-user" said Matsuo.

"Miner?" asked Frank.


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