33 Mana Core Creation Complete!

Frank sat down on the bed given to him by Gwendolyn in one of the rooms on the second floor of the house, the room was, of course, is occupied by more people than just him. Gwendolyn and Annabelle slept in the same room on a single large bed, while Cathyl, Asterion, and Hilvera slept in another large bed right in front of Frank.

"If I do this here and something flashy happens, it might wake them up… I better do this outside…" said Frank, as he sneaked out of the house as silent as he could, reaching the outside and waking up Ruby who was sleeping right at the door's side.

"Grawl!" said Ruby with surprise.

"Shh, don't bark around, Ruby. Let's remain silent, shall we?" asked Frank, as Ruby groaned very slowly.

Frank sat down over the ground as he crossed his legs and opened his Inventory, taking out nineteen Mana Cores from the stack he had saved, the rest he planned to give them to Ruby, but she needed more than what he would be left with, so perhaps tomorrow would be her time to form her own Mana Core.

Frank glanced at the shiny purple stones slightly covered in the blood of the Horned Rabbits that they came from as a system message popped up the moment, he touched all the stones with his hands.


[Several Mana Cores have been Detected, do you want to absorb them?]

[>Yes No]

Frank selected the 'Yes' Option as the nineteen Mana Cores glowed brightly, turning into brilliant particles, and entering his entire body.

He felt as if a powerful and thick stream of energy began to roam through all of his blood vessels, slowly gathering inside of his chest, near his heart.


[Mana Cores absorbed!]

[The quantity of Mana Cores required for the Creation of a Mana Core has been reached!]

[Mana Core Creation can be started at any time]

[Begin Mana Core Creation?]

[Warning: When you accept the beginning of the creation of your Mana Core, the Mana in the surroundings will be absorbed, if this process is interrupted, it may cause damage to the user]

[Do you wish to begin the creation of your Mana Core?]

[>Yes No]

"So the Mana in the surroundings will be absorbed? But what does that mean aside from just that? Will something happen to my Mana Core? Will it become different depending on where I am?" asked Frank to the System, as the System remained silent.

He just assumed that it wasn't the case, and decided to start the creation as fast as possible, as he required such Mana Core to gain more strength, leveling seemed very good, but a boost like acquiring a Mana Core and becoming able to cultivate it shouldn't be ignored if it was possible within his grasp.

"Alright… Ruby, don't interrupt me, okay? And if something or someone approaches, try to distract it" said Frank, as Ruby adorably nodded her head.

"Grawl!" she said.

"Good girl… Alright, let's begin," said Frank.

Frank quickly selected the 'Yes' option on the System window, as a sudden burst of power began to pulsate within his chest, very near his heart.

Boom! Boom! Boom!


Frank didn't exactly feel pain, but an incredibly dizzy sensation through his entire body… the pulsating continued as a crystal of a transparent color began to form within his chest.


When the crystal was finally solidified and formed, a force, seemingly similar to a vacuum, began to absorb the surrounding mana in the environment, showing itself as dozens of streams of blue energy that entered Frank's chest constantly as if he had a black hole inside.

"Aaghh…! T-This… This exhilarating feeling…" muttered Frank as he maintained his composure as much as he could…

The streams of Mana kept flowing into his body as he felt that his veins were about to burst out of the pure Mana flowing all over his body, the crystal inside of his chest suddenly showed a transparent white color, with a small hint of gray.


A last flash of brightness occurred as the 'ritual' finished.

Frank fell into his back to the ground, gasping for air as he touched his tired chest, the pulsation finally ended as he felt something inside of his chest exuding a bright power, his body felt completely engulfed in a new feeling of exhilaration and power… However, as he slowly cooled off, he managed to read what the System windows in front of his sight were telling him.


[Congratulations, your Mana Core has been created!]

[You have reached Rank 1 of the Mana Core Awakening Realm!]

[You have reached the Initial Stage of the Mana Core Awakening Realm!]

[All your stats have increased!]

[Due to the effects of the [Abraddon's Divine Protection: Level -], and the [Abraddon Champion Divine Crest: Level -] Skills, your stats have received a greater increase!]

[You acquired the [Mana Core (Gray): Level 1] and the [Gray Magic (Innate): Level 1] Skills!]

[The Level of the [Mana Control: Level 2] Skill has increased!]

"Even my stats increased?! And the Divine Protection… It helped more than I thought. …Wait, what? There is a Mana Core Skill and a Gray Magic Skill?!" wondered Frank as he tried to open his Status, only to be greeted by a different window.



[Create your own Mana Core and Reach Rank 1 Initial Stage in your Cultivation!] (Hidden Quest) Completed!

Congratulations! You have managed to create your own Mana Core despite being from another world! Isn't that incredible?!

Now you can finally cultivate like anyone else in Terra, there is a new world of possibilities in your endless journey!

Enjoy this commemorative reward!


[You acquired the Quest Rewards: A Medium Amount of EXP, 50 App Points, [Rainbow Commemorative Reward Package (C)], [Random Skill Scroll (C)]

[You have leveled up to Level 6!]

"These rewards…! Could this be my… time to shine?! …Nah, better not get too cocky before bad luck strikes. Though the rewards are more than I had ever expected… Because I did not expect any to begin with. This System seems to like to reward me when I least expect it…"

Frank finally decided to check his status to truly see his gains in stats, and the results surprised him…

[Name: Frank James

[Race: Human, (???)

[Titles: World Traveler.

[Gender: Male.

[App Points: 170

[Mana Core Cultivation: Rank 1 (Initial Stage)

[Job: Farmer.

[Job History: None.

[Level: 6

[Health Points: 30/30 > 50/50 (+10)

[Mana Points: 18/18 > 43/43

[Strength: 21 > 36 (+5)

[Defense: 21 > 31 (+5)

[Magic: 13 > 38

[Resistance: 13 > 28 (+5)

[Agility: 13 > 28 (+5)

[Passive Skills: [World's Traveler Body: Level -], [Gift of Life: Level 2], [Curse Resistance: Level 1], [Hypnosis Resistance: Level 1], [Divine Brand of the Monk Family of Tokyo: Level -], [Mana Control: Level 3] (Level up!), [Fire and Burn Resistance: Level 1], [Abraddon's Divine Protection: Level -], [Abraddon's Champion Divine Crest: Level -], [Mana Core (Gray): Level 1] (New!)

[Equipment: [Farmer's Jeans (F)], [Leather Gloves (F)], [Leather Boots (F)], [Farmer Shirt (F)], [Straw Hat (F)], [Simple Shirt (Cosmetic Item)]

[Active Skills: [Farming Technique: Level 2], [Spear Technique: Level 2], [Gray Magic (Innate): Level 1] (New!)

[Relationships: [Matsuo Family (Tokyo Shrine Clan)]

[Tamed Monsters: [Rank 1: Lesser Flame Salamander: Ruby: Level 4]

[Worlds Visited: Earth, Terra (Farm Town App).

[APP Special Functions: Inventory, World's Gate, Quest Board, Monster Pet Nursery, APP Gacha (Locked), APP Shop (Locked).

"Amazing! For a little bit, my conscious self, let me be happy for a small bit at the very least! Look at that! My HP increased by a whopping twenty points! And my MP and Magic finally managed to catch up with the rest of the stats! That was it! I just needed a Mana Core to finally get better at magic! I feel like I am finally going somewhere now with my strength!" said Frank mentally, as if he were to shout out loud, he would end up waking up everyone in the house… it was already a miracle that the commotion of his Mana Core forming inside of his chest didn't cause any type of commotion…

"Grawr!" said Ruby as she jumped around Frank happily, she had been a bit frightened by the show of his Mana Core forming, but after that, she had calmed down and celebrated with her owner and adoptive father.

Frank played a bit with Ruby as he suddenly felt rather fatigued.

"Ugh… it must be the tiredness of consuming so much energy into the creation of the Mana Core… Well, I better go to sleep- After I open these items, of course" he said, glancing at the rainbow box at his side and at the scroll that only had a large '?' mark on it.

"So this is the Random Skill Scroll… as its description says, it gives a random Skill from a certain category of Skills that are set by grades… From F to C, I can get any skill within the list, that the System does not show me, of course, so I am even more clueless" said Frank.

He quickly decided to 'use' the Scroll as it began to glow in bright yellow light, several yellow particles flew towards Frank's head, giving him a strange vision within his mind. He saw a large roulette filled with mysterious-sounding Skills, the roulette began to spin as he was suddenly given one of the Skills on it randomly!

A sudden stream of information and a slight amount of power filled Frank's body and mind!


[You learned the [Dirt: Level 1] Skill!]



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