133 Is There A Way...?


Frank and Abraddon glanced at Thineas in surprise, as not only she was back from her slumber, but seemed to have undergone some aesthetic changes…

"W-Well, I guess I like the half and half theme…" said Abraddon, trying to not make this something bad.

"I-I think… I might be at fault for this change…" apologized Frank.

"Eh? How?" asked Abraddon.

"I can explain it, it is not like I am unaware of it! And it's not like I do not like it either, so don't worry!" said Thineas while winking to Frank.

"Eh? T-Then explain…" said Abraddon, he was still in the blue on all of this.

"Well, you called Frank here to heal me just as he healed you, right?" asked Thineas.

"That's… right… Huh? How do you know? You should have been sleeping!" said Abraddon.

"Not really, Gods never truly sleep, we just rest, you should have already guessed it, Abraddon, even with that wound, I was still rather conscious of things," said Thineas.

"So you… even heard us talk yesterday?" asked Abraddon.


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