1 Marrying a Goddess, Almost Scared Him Out of His Wits!

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Winterson, who had always been an ordinary man who could not be found in a crowd, was getting lucky recently.

He felt that he must have spent all his good fortune in order to have met such a good thing.

A few months ago in a bar, a blonde with blue eyes and a hot figure actually offered to buy him a drink.

The girl's name was Rachel, and she was a model. She was sexy and beautiful.

They talked for a long time and they both felt that it was too late to meet each other.

Rachel offered to be his girlfriend while they were drunk.

At the time, Winterson felt like he was in a dream. In fact, he was just a company employee who had come out of the slums.

He had no money, no car, and he had never been in a relationship at the age of twenty-four.

All the freckled female colleagues in the company had looked down on him, and now a beautiful girl had offered to throw herself at him.

He always thought Rachel was joking, but for the next few months, they dated every day.

Rachel was gentle and considerate, like a clingy kitten.

Yesterday Rachel even proposed to him!

It was incredible, and even now Winterson could not believe it was real.

One day Rachel came to the company looking for him, wearing a black see-through skirt, high heels, and carrying a handbag, sexy and dignified.

Her appearance caused a sensation. The male colleagues whistled, and the proud female colleagues were ashamed of themselves.

How could such a top goddess like her take a fancy to this guy, Winterson?

Everyone felt incredulous. What was even more infuriating was that Rachel, who had the aura of a Hollywood actress, was as docile as a kitten in front of Winterson.

She threw herself into Winterson's arms and called out. "Darling, God knows how much I miss you." Then she kissed him.

Damn it, how did this kid get the goddess's favor? He was just a small planner in the planning department!

The male colleagues were extremely envious and jealous. They were extremely unbalanced.

What did Rachel see in this kid?

Winterson was not handsome and did not have money. The only good thing about him was that he was still quite strong.

If he did not want money or looks, what else could he want?

That's right, it must be true love. Otherwise, there was no way to explain it.

Getting married was a big deal. Winterson did not have the courage to bring it up, but Rachel seemed to be in a hurry. After proposing, she asked for the wedding to be held as soon as possible.

To be able to marry a goddess like Rachel, Winterson was naturally in a hurry.

Because he didn't have money, he did not plan to invite too many people. He only invited a dozen people who had good relationships in the company and held the wedding in a small church in the suburbs.

After the ceremony, of course, they had to eat.

The male colleagues were jealous and tried their best to persuade him to drink.

Winterson could not handle the alcohol and could only beg for mercy, saying that he had to stay sober. After all, it was their wedding night.

The wretched male colleagues laughed evilly. This kid was really lucky.

"Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming. To be honest, I feel like I'm still in a dream. Can anyone tell me that all of this is real?"

Winterson held up a coke can with a smug look on his face.

"Winterson, you bastard. Tell us, how did you get Rachel?"

"I bet he did not even dare to say hello to Rachel the first time he saw her."

"Damn it, I do not know what's wrong with me... Rachel, how beautiful. Why would she fall for a fool like Winterson?"

The men were indignant and mad with jealousy.

The female colleagues all stared at Winterson, trying to find something that they had not noticed before.

Rachel walked over in a charming wedding dress. Her figure was seductive, and her sexy red lips left a red mark on Winterson's face.

"Wow!" The men let out envious sounds again.

"Honey, we have to leave quickly. The moon is very round tonight, I believe we will have a wonderful night." Rachel winked at Winterson, extremely charming.

Winterson felt his whole body go limp. He quickly got up and hugged Rachel's smooth shoulders.

"Friends, I'm sorry, I have to go. It's late! You know!"

Winterson waved at his friends proudly.

"Buddy... you're really impatient."

"Alright, you can get lost. Don't make us feel bad anymore. D*mn, I still can't believe this is real..."

"Winterson, have a good night!"

His friends said their goodbyes.

Winterson hugged Rachel and left.

The moon tonight was really round. Winterson looked at the bride in his arms and smiled in satisfaction.

"Rachel, Look, the moon is bright and clear. How romantic."

Winterson sighed.

"On a full moon night, werewolves appear. Let's go home quickly."

Rachel did not seem to be in the mood.

Winterson sized up his wife. Even the wedding dress could not hide her hot figure, and tonight, she would belong to him!

His body suddenly became hot. He quickly pulled Rachel's hand and said anxiously, "Then what are we waiting for... get in the car, my goddess!"

He jumped into a rented Ford car and drove his new wife home as fast as he could.

After returning to the small apartment in the city, Rachel ran into the bedroom with a smile.

With a hint of drunkenness, Winterson smiled as he untied his tie and threw his suit jacket on the sofa.

"Rachel, I'm here... are you impatient?"

He rushed into the bedroom impatiently.

The lights in the bedroom were dim. Rachel was sitting on the edge of the bed with her back facing him.

She had changed into a new set of clothes, black tights, and her breathing was a little hurried.

This outfit accentuated her figure even more. She was truly a perfect woman.

Winterson swallowed his saliva, his heart bursting with joy.

Rachel was too flirtatious. She had deliberately changed into a new set of clothes and dimmed the lights.

The atmosphere was very emotional. Winterson felt his blood boiling. He wanted nothing more than to rush over and hug the goddess.

Just as he was about to make a move, Rachel raised her hand. The black nails on her hand were long and sharp. Under the light, they shone with an eerie cold light.

These nails?

They must be fake, right?

Rachel really put in a lot of effort. Even her nails were decorated.

Winterson was so touched. Not only was his wife beautiful, but she was also so good to him. Where was he going to find a wife like that?

He quickly jumped onto the bed and hugged Rachel from behind. His soft body made him even more excited.


Rachel's body was so cold. It was like ice.

What was wrong with her?

Did she have a cold?

Outside the window, a bolt of lightning suddenly flashed. Winterson was shocked.

Rachel finally turned around. Her eyes were blood red, her mouth was open, and her sharp fangs were terrifying.

"Blood! I want your blood!"

Rachel suddenly pounced on Winterson.


What was that thing?

A vampire?

His heart was cold, and he was not drunk at all.

Well, I should have known.

How could such a good thing happen to me?

Everything was fake!

After spending a few months together, he had put his heart into it.

He had never been so happy before.

Rachel had fulfilled all of his fantasies, including his vanity.


"Why is it like this?"

He tried his best to dodge, his heart filled with fear and unwillingness.

"Ding! The demon subduing system is activating..."

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