My Wife Suddenly Turns Into A Gangster Book

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My Wife Suddenly Turns Into A Gangster


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Synopsis: Xu Ming knew that the place he should belong to is 6 ft underground. Still, he was able to reopen his eyes to find himself safe and sound inside the hospital which was utterly absurd. Knowing that something was incredibly wrong, Xu Ming looked down at his body and he immediately turned silent at the sight behold. Xu Ming: "..." Look like he had accumulated a lot of bad karma while living as a gangster in his previous life. Otherwise, he would not be waking up inside a woman's body whose name was also Xu Ming. To make things worse, she has already been married for 5 years to a certain CEO Xu. Nevertheless, his new identity did not get along well with her husband and in-laws so he had some room to breathe while living as a woman. During their first meeting. A certain husband coldly said, " Don't interfere with my life. " A certain wife indifferently answered, " Okay. " Therefore, a certain wife thought that after getting a divorce, the two would not get entangled with each other again. Contrary to his thoughts, their fates seemed to be entangled with each other since a long time ago. As a result, Xu Ming found himself unable to get away from this man. Later on. A certain husband affectionately said, " Let's have more children. " A certain wife answered icily, " Stop interfering with my life. " A gender-bender love story so beware that MC is a man trapped inside a woman's body so he will always consider himself a man regardless of his outer appearance. Therefore, this novel can be said to be one part BL and one part BG. The picture is not mine but unfortunately, I do not know who is the owner as I found the picture from Pinterest. I apologize for being unable to credit the owner.


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