61 You're No Longer My Student

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Lu Chengzhou looked towards Lu Zhan. "Dad, I'll bring her somewhere to rest first."


Lu Zhan watched the silhouettes of the disappearing figures and narrowed his eyes.

Yu Zhongjing fumed. "Look at the difference in treatment! I want to have hot milk tea as well! I want to rest as well!"

Lu Yī smiled politely. "Haven't you forgotten something, Doctor Yu?"

Yu Zhongjing paused. "What have I forgotten?"

"Ms. Xiwei." Lu Yī reminded him dutifully.

"Oh, that's right, that's right." Radiance flashed across Yu Zhongjing's aged eyes. "Where is she now?"

Lu Yī made a gesturing motion. "Follow me, please."

Lu Xiwei was locked up in the basement under the Lu residence, guarded by at least four men at all times. No one had responded to her cries for help.

Suddenly, the door to the basement opened with a creak.


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