5 Bring Your Son to the Bar

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When Gu Mang and Gu Si arrived, the auction had already started.

It was really easy to find Lin Shuang as she was at the most eye-catching spot.

Gu Si had never been to such an event and was exclaiming cries of wonder with every step he took.

"Sis! This place looks really fun! Wow!" He looked like he had never seen the world before.

Lin Shuang eyes fell upon Gu Si's black peaked cap, his black denim jacket, his black pants, his black boots, and his beautiful and exquisite features, and was almost overwhelmed by his cuteness!

"OMG! Gu Mang! The little kid is too cute! He makes me want to have a son myself!"

Gu Mang ignored the fussing Lin Shuang. She sat down on the sofa and threw a packet of Wangzai Milk towards Gu Si.

"Don't think of drinking alcohol here," she drawled slowly, but her voice still held a highly deterrent tone.

Gu Si's lips twitched as he pulled the straw off the Wangzai milk packet.

He watched as his sister took a bottle of alcohol, hit its cap on the edge of the table at an angle, flicked it off, caught it in her hand precisely, and then flung the bottle cap on the table carelessly.

His sister was so cool!

Gu Mang took a drink. "When will the jade be auctioned?"

"The auction has just started, so in around an hour." Lin Shuang motioned her chin towards a deck on the second floor and smiled wickedly. "Lu Chengzhou's right there."

Gu Mang drank her alcohol with a raised head. The lines of her neck looked seductive and her jaw was as pale as jade. She turned slowly and looked over.

The man was sitting on the sofa carelessly, his elbows resting on the backrest. The sleeves of his black shirt were rolled up, revealing porcelain white skin, and his clean and slender fingers held a cigarette between them.

The light shifted and fell on his profile as the smoke swirled around him. The sight was enough to make any woman go crazy for him.

Gu Mang looked away. "Oh."

"Oh?" Lin Shuang's eyes widened slightly. "Little Sister Gu, just because you're extremely attractive yourself doesn't mean that you should look down on Young Master Lu. He's a match for your looks, you know."

Gu Mang spat out three words, "I'm not interested."

Lin Shuang was speechless.

On the second floor.

Lu Chengzhou noticed Gu Mang the moment she entered the bar.

It wasn't that he was bored. It was because Gu Mang had brought a little kid with her and had been detained by the bar employees for questioning. Bringing her son to the bar had caused a massive disturbance below. She had said something which made the employees let her in.

Gu Mang's face attracted much attention. Many people's eyes were fixed on her.

His companions noticed the commotion and they followed his gaze down.

Qin Fang clicked his tongue and sighed deeply. "This is the first time in my life that I've seen such a combination at a bar."

The little kid was dressed in a mini version of what the woman was wearing: all black.

He Yidu swirled the drink in his hand leisurely as he looked down. His position allowed him a view of Gu Si's front and his spectacles almost slid from his nose in surprise when he noticed something. "The little kid is drinking Wangzai milk!"

Qin Fang craned his neck to look. "LOL! Drinking Wangzai milk in a bar? That's original."

He Yidu said, "They're quite good-looking."

The two women were unique in appearance.

The bare-faced women were so beautiful that one wondered how anyone could look that perfect.

The little kid also looked very exquisite-looking.

Qin Fang nodded his head.

Lu Chengzhou said nothing.

These young masters could not keep their attention on anything new for more than ten seconds and thus quickly lost interest in Gu Mang and her company.

Qin Fang asked, "Brother Cheng, have you found the Miracle Doctor?"

He Yidu looked up.

Frustration clouded Lu Chengzhou's eyes as he took a drag on his cigarette. "Not yet. At least we have two hackers helping to track them discreetly."

He Yidu was puzzled. "Has anyone ever seen the Miracle Doctor? We don't even know whether they are a man or a woman. How can they manage to leave no trace?"

Qin Fang said, "Brother Cheng can't be blamed for being unable to locate the Miracle Doctor. They always appear in places people frequent. If they're not at a school, then they're at a bar. Both places don't seem like where someone who is helping the dying and healing the injured would go!"

The places this person went were crowded and busy, which made finding them impossible.

He Yidu nodded in agreement. "Don't be too anxious about it, Brother Cheng. There are so many doctors working for the Luo family. Granny Lu will be alright."

Lu Chengzhou put out his cigarette. "Is that piece of jade really that miraculous? Does it work better than sleeping pills?"

He Yidu replied, "I've never seen nor tried it. It's all legend. However, everything that is auctioned at Tian Que has to be authentic."

Granny Lu's illness was now so grave that she could not even sleep peacefully, which made her very lethargic.

He would try anything out of desperation.

Lu Chengzhou swept his gaze across the auction stand and immediately spotted the particular jade piece.

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