30 The Old Emperor

Unfortunately, only the Sacred Wind Emperor's shout couldn't stop Ming Ze's movement as his sword was only inches away from Ling Yu's chest.

The man became frightened but there was no way he could speak quickly to ask Ming Ze to stop.

Even if he could somehow speak, Ming Ze wouldn't stop his actions.

Only, it was not that easy to kill a prince in his own empire.

When Ming Ze thought that there were no more obstacles, he suddenly saw an old man appear behind Ling Yu.

The old man was large in stature, somewhat fat but had muscles.

He wore a pure white robe with long flowing hair.

His eyes were sharp like the tip of a spear and there was actually a golden spear hanging on his back.

He grabbed Ling Yu's body, then casually pulled him backwards.

No matter how fast Ming Ze's sword was. It was extremely slow compared to the old man's movements.

His sharp eyes stared at Ming Ze.


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