34 Request

After finishing that fight and returning, Evelyn suddenly pulled Ming Ze towards the imperial palace that had now been renamed the Thousand Shadows Empire.

They entered through the front door.

The inside of the palace was still completely immaculate, unaffected by the damage outside as it was protected by too many magnificent formations.

In its hall, the figure of the empress whose name was Qing Yanjing stood in front of the window, looking calm.

She was watching all the events from inside the palace because she had actually gone straight into it after the Sacred Wind Emperor had escaped.

The arrival of Ming Ze and Evelyn made her turn her gaze towards them.

As she looked at Evelyn who was already close to her, she asked, "is there anything else you need, Your Highness? My business with you should be over and you won't be able to restrain me anymore either."


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