1 Prolog

They say I'm so handsome! Hmmm, but why are you guys looking at me with such disdain.

Isn't that because I can't cultivate?

Then what's the point of a handsome face if I can't cultivate in this world where strength is everything.

My parents are loyal followers of Emperor Qin.

Emperor Qin was a peak existence in the universe who had already completely fused with the Heavenly Dao after fully comprehending one of the Heavenly Daos.

They are called Grand Paragons.

Those who reached that realm could be said to be almighty.

Their followers are naturally very strong too.

With such strong biological parents, even if I can't cultivate, I can live in peace until my death.

However, a certain war had caused them to die.

In order to repay their services, Emperor Qin ended up using his power to help me overcome my cultivation problem.

My parents can't do anything about it, but what about the Qin Emperor who is a supreme being?

Unfortunately, even Emperor Qin couldn't do anything about it. For some time, it shocked the entire Qin Empire.

At that moment, I saw for myself how the Qin Emperor's expression turned ugly as if he saw something unbelievable.

But in exchange for his failure, Emperor Qin ended up creating a pill with his Heavenly Dao.

The pill didn't allow me to cultivate, but it did give me an infinite lifespan.

As long as the Qin Emperor is alive, I will not die as long as no one kills me. And of course, as long as I don't leave the Qin Empire, there's no way I'll die because no one dares to kill me there.

One hundred thousand years passed after that.

I also got a province that I inherited from my parents.

Even if I can't cultivate, I can still become the ruler of a province. I have palaces, servants, and countless troops.

My life has been very quiet during these hundred thousand years. I rarely show myself, I mostly read books on cultivation to broaden my horizons about cultivation. Sometimes I learned to play musical instruments and compose poetry.

As a mortal, the vastness of the cultivation world is no match for me.

However, on a certain ordinary day, someone from the Qin Palace suddenly came to my palace.

It was very surprising because someone from the Qin Palace hardly ever visited me.

However, what that person said really sounded like thunder to my ears.

"Luo Tian. Son of Luo Jian and Yi Yue, from now on you are the fiancé of the Eternal Moonlight Princess."

Eternal Moonlight Princess! Or Qin Yingyue.

Emperor Qin had countless sons, but he only had one daughter.

Not to mention in the Qin Empire, even in the entire universe there might not be anyone who didn't know about her.

She was a Goddess whose beauty could bring any Paragon to her knees.

She was so beautiful that people said that she herself took half of the beauty in the universe.

Not only was she extremely beautiful, her cultivation talent was also truly unrivaled.

She was around two hundred thousand years old, but it was said that she had already reached the seventh level of Paragon.

You would be considered a prodigy in the entire universe if you could become a Paragon at one million years old, but she was already a high level Paragon when she was two hundred thousand years old. Many people believed that she would become the next Grand Paragon in the universe.

Who knew how many Heavenly Princes fell in love with her. They didn't expect to be her husband, just being her servant who could follow her all the time was enough for them.

But I suddenly became her fiancé. What kind of bullshit is this? Was it because I had lived too long as an ordinary human that I fell into a dream that I thought was the real world.

It's more reliable than that.

Oh, I never even saw her. It is said that she always wears a mask so that no one can see her face.

Moreover, even though she was a goddess in the hearts of many, people knew that she was a very ambitious, cruel, selfish woman. She can do anything to achieve her goals.

Why did she suddenly want to be engaged to me.

In this universe, perhaps no one could force her to marry. Her father was a Grand Paragon while she herself was a seventh level Paragon.

No matter where she was, she was a figure who could shake the heavens.

So, it was clearly decided by herself.

As a hundred thousand year old virgin, I really don't know what to do. I'm not even sure if this is real.

I couldn't help but stare at the old woman sitting in front of me. She was the one sent by the Qin Palace. She claimed to be the butler of the Eternal Moonlight Princess.

"Son, just so you know, no one has ever refused Miss Yue's wish even if it was a bad thing. If you refuse her engagement, perhaps heaven itself will personally punish you."

Of course, all she said was a term.

If I accepted, I might make countless men jealous, but if I refused, they might be angry with me because that would be tantamount to insulting the Goddess in their hearts.

But do I even have another choice. Other than that, I was just feeling suspicious and confused, not even the slightest bit of rejection appeared in my mind.

Every man wants three things; treasures, powers, and women.

One of those three things is something that most men can't refuse.

I'm, of course, not a woman-obsessed man. I'm still a virgin even though I'm a hundred thousand years old and have great power in my hands, those two things are clear proof that I'm not an asshole.

But it's different if we talk about the Eternal Moonlight Princess.

It was a very normal reaction. She was, after all, a Goddess whose beauty was praised at all times. My mentality didn't reach the point where I could ignore such a figure.

If I can marry her, why should I care about my poor fate.

In the end, I followed the old woman.

What kind of fate awaits me there, I don't care. But I know it must be much better than my current life.

When we exited my palace, there was already a golden carriage pulled by two golden-winged qilins flying above the palace.

The carriage was truly so luxurious that it looked like the sun was moving. It was clearly a priceless artifact. But the two qilins were clearly far more priceless.

They are sacred beasts that symbolize good luck. Their existence was truly so rare that people would fight for them.

But here were two qilin whose job it was to pull the carriage.

In fact, there was only one such carriage in the Qin Empire, and everyone knew that it was the carriage that belonged to the Eternal Moonlight Princess.

The entire Luo province was taken aback when people saw the carriage's appearance above the provincial lord's palace.

"You probably have a lot of questions." The old woman spoke beside me.

"I don't understand either, but the lady said that she was serious about starting a relationship with you. To show her sincerity, she even sent her own carriage to pick you up."

"She also ordered me to announce this engagement to the public."

I was even more shocked when I heard her last words.

Without waiting for me to react,she then stepped into the carriage while carrying me with her spiritual power.

At the same time, she spoke in a loud voice.

"From today on, Luo Tian, ​​is the fiancé of the Eternal Moonlight Princess."

She only spoke short words, but what she said shook the entire province. It didn't take long before people in the Qin Empire and even the entire universe heard the news.

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