My Wife is a Spy Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

My Wife is a Spy


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Six years after her brother was killed, Ying Yue finally became the top spy agent at Juyan Intelligence Agency. She leads a double life: a secretary by day, and a spy at night. However, after accidentally protecting her CEO boss on a shoot out, he suddenly has his eyes set on taking her as his wife! ***** It was Ying Yue who broke the tension with a light laugh. "I'm sorry Mr. Fei, I know I might sound absurd, but it sounded like you wanted to actually, really, be in a relationship with me." "It is not absurd." He cocked his head to one side. "I find you smart and attractive, and trust me, I do not remember being attracted to anyone else." Ying Yue's calm façade broke. She frowned, unable to understand what was going inside the brain of the great Fei Huangjin. She used to admire the man, but now she couldn't help wondering if the incident last night made him crazy. "Mr. Fei, I implore you not to make fun of me like this." "I'm not joking." "Yes, you are." She insisted. "Go on a date with me." "No." "And call me Huangjin." "I will not, Mr. Fei!" Her voice had already inched a notch higher. "Why not?"


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