My Wife Is A Secret Assassin

Chance is suffering from Foniasophobia, a fear of murderers and murders. As luck would have it, when he is holidaying in Hawaii, he meets a beautiful woman, Samantha and falls in love with her. Samantha is a delicate, lady like, gentle woman who runs a florist shop in San Diego but that is what everyone believes. The truth is Samantha is a secret assassin who doesn't even blink an eye before killing someone. She meets Chance while on a mission in Hawaii and no matter how hard she tries to avoid him, she just couldn't and ends up falling head over heels in love with him irrespective of knowing his phobia of murderers. What happens when a man who fears murderers falls deeply in love with one? Is Chance really as innocent as he seems to be? Or is he hiding something big which is even more shocking? ... Disclaimer: This cover does not belong to me, if the creator has a problem I will get it removed.

Reyram · Urban
Not enough ratings
200 Chs


"Hey baby" He greeted her.

"Chance" Samantha warned him.

"Hey Sam"

"Good, how was your business trip, it is over now, right?"

"Yes, all done. It was a good advice from you. I was on field, so the work was over smoothly." He informed her.

"Is your client happy?" Samantha asked him.

"Hmm, they will be."

"I am glad you are coming back tomorrow" 

"Me too"

Just then Samantha's secret phone rang and she got startled.

"What is that?" Chance looked confused.

"No…Nothing, it is my alarm, I'll talk to you later" Samantha immediately cut his call and looked very nervous.

Chance laughed at her reaction.

"What a cruel boyfriend she has" David, who was sitting opposite Chance all this while, commented.

"Hello" Samantha answered the phone, using a voice modulation and David threw the small phone towards Chance, who swiftly caught it.