My Wife Is A Secret Assassin

Chance is suffering from Foniasophobia, a fear of murderers and murders. As luck would have it, when he is holidaying in Hawaii, he meets a beautiful woman, Samantha and falls in love with her. Samantha is a delicate, lady like, gentle woman who runs a florist shop in San Diego but that is what everyone believes. The truth is Samantha is a secret assassin who doesn't even blink an eye before killing someone. She meets Chance while on a mission in Hawaii and no matter how hard she tries to avoid him, she just couldn't and ends up falling head over heels in love with him irrespective of knowing his phobia of murderers. What happens when a man who fears murderers falls deeply in love with one? Is Chance really as innocent as he seems to be? Or is he hiding something big which is even more shocking? ... Disclaimer: This cover does not belong to me, if the creator has a problem I will get it removed.

Reyram · Urban
Not enough ratings
200 Chs

A Normal Life

When Chance knocked on her door, the two women saw him and Carol angrily turned her head away.

Chance signalled Abigail that he would take care of her so Mia and Abigail left the suite and Chance sat with Carol.

"I am sorry, I was rude" Chance apologized to her.

"Get out, I don't want to see your face"


Chance stood up to leave, when Carol shouted at him, "Are you serious?" 

"Yeah, I am respecting your wish"

"Chance, can you at least be sincere when you are apologizing?" Carol complained.

"I am really sorry."

"Do you accept that I have no ill intentions towards your Samantha then?"

Chance does not accept it but he didn't wish to upset her further.

"I do"

"Then invite her tomorrow"



Chance sighed, "I will but I will ask her only once, if she says no then that is it" He warned her beforehand as he was sure Samantha will not agree to come.