My Wife Is A Ghost Exorciser

Song Yan lived a miserable life. She was born with a great fortune but her ‘ luck ‘ was ‘ snatched ‘ by her half sister . It was her fortune that she was fated to marry Fu Yusheng , the Ceo and owner of the Fu corporations . However , her half sister who was jealous of intercepted in her fate and snatched her ‘ good luck ‘ away , from then on Song Yan faced countless troubles , she met with accidents , lost her scripts and finally died after meeting a road accident . But she was unwilling , unwilling because she loved Fu Yusheng and her son whom she left behind in the Fu family . Her soul that should have scattered and brought to Hell in front of King Yama , turned into a vicious ghost . Only after becoming a ghost did she realise what kind of perfect deception her half sister has planned for her . Luckily before her soul could become any more dark and become a malevolent spirit , she crosses path with a Celestial master who promises her a fresh start as long as she stays with him and learns the way of supernatural . So , Song Yan became the Celestial master’s disciple and continued to serve the Celestial master and his family as a Ghost . After five hundred years of service , she is freed by her master and get a chance to rebirth . She is reborn on the day she met with the car accident . In this life she is endowed with supernatural power to see the celestial truths . She vows to avenge herself and her son who met an unfortunate death because of her half sister . But why is her apathetic husband who never cared about her , coming after her ?

fairytail72 · Fantasy
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1452 Chs

Three courageous men

Yun Zhao felt like he was going to faint. The female ghost that was haunting him was not bad enough? There was something else? 

His body staggered and his eyes rolled back in their sockets. If not for the fact that Liu Xie Ming stopped him from falling, Yun Zhao would have fallen on the floor with a loud bang. 

"Sister Yan, what else is there… Just…just tell me. I can take it," Yun Zhao, who was supported by Liu Xie Ming said to Song Yan. He was afraid that if this went on then he would end up dying because of excitement alone. 

Song Yan gave him a ——are you sure that you can handle it?—— expression but she did not keep him in suspense for long. Instead, she opened her mouth and calmly said, "I can see that heavy yin energy is filling the house, not to mention the smell of a rotting corpse is simply unbearable. The two of you are soaked in the smell as well." She added while scrunching her nose, scaring the two grown men so badly that they shivered in fright.