154 Thank You for Your Education

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"Lass Ni?" Mo Xin called out softly.

Ni Hongxiao snapped upwards at the call.

A look of pity flashed across her face before she turned to look at Su Wen and company.

Upon seeing Zhao Jin, she asked, "Have you used the pill?"


"How do you feel?"

"My True Qi and strength have been greatly strengthened. In terms of pure strength, I'm only slightly weaker than an 8th Grade!" Zhao Jin answered honestly.

Ni Hongxiao walked to Zhao Jin's side, reaching out to take his pulse.

However, Zhao Jin subconsciously took a step back and avoided her hand.

It couldn't be helped, as her hands were still covered in blood.

Ni Hongxiao spoke in a dissatisfied tone when she saw Zhao Jin's reaction, "Everyone has blood, what do you have to hide?"

Then, she went to the side to wash her hands.


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