262 Ten Thousand Miles of Starry Sky

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The seawater soared into the sky, directly rushing towards Guan Gu.

He retaliated with his palm!

A huge amount of Heaven Earth Origin Qi surged in response to his movements.


The water exploded into sprinkles that filled the sky as he blasted open a path through the jade colored waves.

The water splashed on his body, sending a chill through him.

But with this delay, the enemy behind him had arrived!


Another punch landed on Guan Gu's back.

Within the domain, the Heaven Earth Origin Qi that was driven by the Black Scale Race's expert was even more powerful.

The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi barrier on Guan Gu's body was directly pierced through! The Qi-force invaded his body, but Guan Gu did not dare to counterattack. He merely borrowed this powerful force to fly out again!

However, right now, there were several more Black Scale Race experts in front of him!


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