My Wife and I Became Sages in Another World

Author: CaracasM
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What is My Wife and I Became Sages in Another World

Read ‘My Wife and I Became Sages in Another World’ Online for Free, written by the author CaracasM, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ROMANCE Light Novel, ADVENTURE Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Ichiro was a man who had to live through a tragic and awful life. After losing his wife, his only source of happiness, h...


Ichiro was a man who had to live through a tragic and awful life. After losing his wife, his only source of happiness, his despair only got worse until the day he died. To Ichiro's fortune, the Goddess of Life, Phelena, decided to send his soul into a new body in another world. His only condition was for the Goddess to send him far away from people. The goddess agreed, but she certainly had other plans for Ichiro's new life. A wholesome story about a man rekindling his love for living and encountering his lost wife in another world! [Story is written in 1st person with a casual tone] ------------------------------------------------------ If you want to see artwork of the novel, check out: caracasm.carrd.co Previously known as: Lost & Found: Rekindled Life

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It's easy to read and understand , but, how should I say this? underwhelming or unexpected. The novel doesn't follow how I thought , it's more like a book written for kids who want to get the "isekai" understanding. He acts like a kid when he is older than that, he can't make any firm resolution 😔 and seem to go back on his word ,especially in the 'Princess Arc', always getting pulled along .It is a great novel in it own respect 😁.Sorry Author , it seems this isn't my cup of tea , we part ways here. thanks for the book


TLDR: Needs work but it is still better than most novels on WN. Don't pass it up! This review will be written in three parts, first is an analysis of the story, second will be on the writing style, and third will be the conclusion. Story: Aside from some cliches, and a generic fantasy world, the story is quite enjoyable. Cliches are cliches because people like them, right? I will completely look over the fact the author turned the MC into a 12-year-old boy, though, because it will provide the MC with four years to grow their pool of MP. The MC used Fireball and Inspect, but when creating a "bo", no spell was used. It felt weird. Saying the MC used water magic, nature magic, fire magic, or earth magic (you get the point) without showing us how also comes off as lazy writing. It might be better to remove fireball completely if the author intends to have magic-users in this world directly influence the world by using mana rather than using 'spells'. I do, however, like the fact that magic isn't learned like a list of spells in most novels like this. You have to get the spell right, and your mana takes care of the rest. Within five chapters, the author skipped over the MC learning a lot of magic as well. There were several leaps in time where we could have gotten to know the main character and their new friend over another chapter or two, but that possibility was removed when several months or so were skipped. Now, for the writing style: As I say, with many of the novels here on WN, we need less telling and more showing. To explain quickly: using had/have/was will either be an easy way to avoid showing the reader what's happening, add unnecessary words to a sentence, or create sentences with less readability. So much telling. The more 'glue' words in a sentence, the longer it is, and usually, the less information it provides to the reader. Reading the MC speak and then move straight into internal monologue is pretty jarring, and there's no need to put extra thoughts within brackets and quotation marks when everything else is the MC's thoughts. Cutting out the thoughts within the internal monologue would make sense. Many words could be replaced with much more impactful ones, sometimes making senses feel a little flatter. A couple of times, the author used the present tense, and the novel is written primarily in the past tense. Using words such as 'now' or 'is' outside of dialogue can create a jarring moment. Conclusion: The Author is new to this, it's easy to see, but they have potential. The world they are creating is forming nicely, although slowly, throughout the chapters, and I enjoyed what I read. The main character could feel more his age since he was at least in his thirties, from what the prologue provided. With a decent amount of structural editing and copyediting, this novel could improve greatly. I would like to come back to this novel in the future and update my review with a more favourable one.


I like this novel a lot, easy to read and great character, I can’t wait to read the new charters.


As said in the other review this novel is quite childish and the plot is average. But despite its problems it is when a pleasant novel to read. The author has a lot of points to improve so courage and continue to improve yourself




Dropped. My review is pretty much the same as others. Author, sorry and I hope you're listening to them. 😕😕 Especially the part where author just summarizes the events. I sleepy reading just reading couple of line of those. This novel is a big no for me. I don't even care much if the mc is childish and illogical. Let us be immersed in the story and let us be in the same room as the mc as much as possible. Show, don't tell", that's a golden rule. I think that's the most important.


I decided to make Yoru the one with the highest popularity by giving him 200000 points because he's best boy, Also here's 20 golden tickets since I never use them


what chapter does he find his wife? if anyone knows please tell me


I like the blurb. I like the characters but I can’t fall in love with them. I can’t lose myself in their world because as of chapter 140 the author just tells us what is happening. They don’t show us. It’s a shame because this novel has the bones to be great. Author, create more dialogue. Stop summarizing the story and let us see/experience the scenes. I don’t want Ichi to tell me something happened, write the scene out. Hopefully, you will take my advice bc this really could be a fantastic read.


Very good novel, if you are looking for a relaxing novel this is for you. This novel is much better than most of the novels here. Give a try and see by yourself 😁


The story is interesting! With the isekai and such. There are a few grammar issues but it’s not huge. I like it’s pace! Good work and keep it up!


Reveal spoiler


This is a relaxed story but it's not really to my taste. It's pretty much just the typical Japanese isekai MC except there's no harem, and he's not as OP. As another reader said in their review, it's kinda childish. I think it would've been better off if the MC was never an adult in the first place because he can't seem to determine whether he wants to behave like an adult or like a child. Even if he's physically 12, it doesn't make any sense for him to act like that considering he's a grown man on the inside, and also the experiences he's been through. Like he grew up in an abusive home, was married for a period of time, lost his wife in an accident, died a couple years after after being shot. With all these experiences, the personality he portrays doesn't make sense. Also, I don't get why the MC wished to be sent to a place far away from humanity when he isekaied but then the moment he came across humans who were a bit nice to him, he didn't hesitate to become their magical sugar-daddy. That aside, the grammar is really good and I didn't come across any errors that made reading difficult. I just couldn't get into the story. Goodluck with your writing, author.


So overall it’ a good and interesting book. No major grammar errors or any major mistakes. However, I started noticing some flaws and decided to drop around ch. 48. Here is my reasoning: I get a feeling that the writing is a little shallow. The mc encounters some problem that isn’t explained too much, then immediately god-snaps and fixes whatever it is. For example, building and creating all of his inventions. Very few people know the exact compositions of materials. Going further, very few people have enough expertise in a field to recreate even one of the varied things the mc is making. How can a person be able to make say different shampoos, which the author probably just googled a basic recipe, and then go ahead and start making concrete and buildings. Making a building is super complicated even if you are able to get rid of the manpower issue with magic. All of the sudden inventions just start to become unreal and unimaginable for the mc to come up with them. Especially if there were previous reincarnator. How the h*ll is the mc the first to come up with the types of food he is. Add onto that the cleaning supplies as well. The first thing on a reincarnators to do list would have been these exact things so why is the mc the first. I mean, the previous reincarnator was a WOMAN. Do u expect a WOMAN from the modern world to go one day without at least trying to make some kind of shampoo with magic. It’s jus bullshut. Based on everything that is happening I can already know what is going to happen in the locked chapters just by their names. My real problem is there is no depth and realness to the other world. The only real worldbuilding we get is medieval magic sword world with demons. NOTHING ELSE. The food of the world isn’t described, everything is worse than what the mc can bring to the table. Author, u do realize that America didn’t make all the types of food in the world right. It just has a bunch of the worlds food available. That means that there is different food everywhere. In this other world, all u could bear to describe of their food was the bad jerky that the knights had. Otherwise all u did was say that the mcs food was the best. That’s all. I mean, come on. If a place was able to make chocolate and tea, two things that take complex actions and recipes to make, u expect me to believe they can’t make some other food like fried food. U also realize that fried food isn’t the best food in the world right? Oh well I’ll stop ranting. It was an ok story but if u want a deep and interesting story, don’t get ur hopes up for this story. Its a watered down version of Wise Man’s Grandson and other similar isekai stories. I was expecting a more mysterious story due to the synopsis but all it is is the mc and the reincarnation of his wife, i.e. the princess, being so blind that they don’t recognize each other the entire time even though the author seems to make a point of when they should recognize each other.


I decided to re-upload the review after reading more chapters. good novel a tragic beginning which creates empathy for the reader, endearing characters. But also excellent update stability. But I find this novel quite childish, the first chapter shows that the mc is a bit naive. It's weird because I'm used to cool, cruel, ruthless Mcs. As said in the other comment, there is a lot to improve. Ps English is not my mother tongue so sorry for the mistakes


I like the way how the character has been described, easy to read and sticky to keep reading. Waiting for new material and stories!


The novel so far is perty good , easy to understand,entertaining and full of excitement.the novel being a no harem type is great ,I am kinda tired of harem. The ML is faithful to FL and kind to everyone


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