1 A sweet wife and vulgar sister

Chapter 1: A sweet wife and vulgar sister

Minato Sansei was a happy married man for more than a year now.

His life used to be relatively mundane, but it had changed after meeting his lovely wife. Other than working in his grocery shop, Minato pampered her, and he also received a lot of love in return.

She made his life much more colorful, and each smile worked better than any energy drink!

"Minmin~~ I will help you with your shop tomorrow, okay?" Yuna was her name.

"Sure," Minato replied with his cheeks full as he relished her breakfast.

His wife's food used to be worse than poison, but Minato adapted, and Yuna also managed to learn cooking after a few months. It was an arduous path for both of them, but love prevailed.

The husband went to work every day with his stomach full and happy!

"It's quite early, Yuna. Today is delivery day, so I had to wake up earlier... You don't really have to prepare breakfast every day, you know?" Minato believed his wife had much harder work than him.

After all, they bought a big house for themselves.

Other than that, Yuna also took care of the garden and the street. Imagining all this work, Minato really wanted her to sleep for longer.

Yuna pulled his sleeves and peered into his eyes, "Again this? Minmin! It's pointless to sleep without you. I don't have anything to hug!"

She smiled widely and leaned onto the table.

Yuna kept looking at the husband, who munched her breakfast with slightly reddened cheeks, "You are blushing! Hehe~~"

"Well. In my case, I'm quite reluctant to let you go. Happy?" He glanced at her and retracted his eyes after Yuna cheerfully nodded a few times.

He emptied the plate and said, "Tomorrow is Sunday, so I will have a lot of clients. A new law is gonna bring us a lot of money, so I will hold onto your help."

"You can count on me, Minmin~~ And that new law is nothing but more money for us! Nice~!" Yuna patted her husband's back and stood up to put the plate in the dishwasher.

At the same time, Minato left the dining room to prepare for the day!

He followed his usual routine, so everything went smoothly.

At last, it was time for goodbye!

"I am off to work!" Minato had already filled his batteries with Yuna's kiss, so it was time to work hard!

"Yes! See you soon, Minmin~~" Yuna cheerfully sent him off, then closed the doors after he had disappeared from her view.

Her whole appearance changed promptly...

Yuna dropped her shoulders and sighed, then turned around. She joined her hands, and in an instant, a clone popped out of her body.

It was a perfect replica of her foreign beauty.

"Take care of the house... I must return to our world, or father will notice," Yuna passed orders to her clone and disappeared from the world.

The clone nodded and went to work...

Clone? Magic? Another world?

Mrs. Sansei, what are you?


Time flew fast during work.

Minato also felt like it accelerated during the break, but thinking about his wife somewhat slowed down the time for him. He thought about buying a present as their second anniversary was coming.

Imagining what would look good on his beautiful wife was indeed a time killer as Minato's alarm promptly broke his immersion.

He stood up and opened the shop anew.

A lot of clients swarmed his small shop, "Minato! You know how annoying it is when all supermarkets get closed on Sunday! All shops are swarmed by people, yet I just want to buy a few necessities."

To his regular client's complaints, Minato widely smiled, "It looks like Miss is already prepared for tomorrow. I can imagine how fast your fridge gets emptied with a family this big."

"Hah! If you get your children, you will understand!" Miss loudly laughed.

After she paid for her stuff, other clients approached the counter, and the regular daily job began.

Alas, something significantly changed when a lady with foreign beauty appeared before Minato.

He scrutinized her appearance... Minato believed he would only see such foreign beauty on his wife or social media for his whole married life.

However, a lady with exotic curves somehow happened to be in his shop as well.

He was undoubtedly lucky.

"Minato, am I right?" She asked him.

"Yes. Do you need something?" Minato maintained eye contact.

For a second, he felt like he saw a faint resemblance to his wife. Still, the lady before him exuded a completely different vibe.

His wife was always cheerful and merry.

"Oh, I have a lot to talk about with you! What exactly do you have to make my elder sister come to this utter garbage world?!" And this new lady had quite a sharp tongue and lofty aura around her.

Minato bitterly smiled, "Elder Sister? Who might you be talking about?" Although it sounded as if she was associated with Yuna, Minato found it hard to accept.

The difference was quite big in this case!

Yes, she had a different personality, but her 'foreign beauty' also lacked similarities. Her hair color was different, and she had just similar eyes!

That was all!

Besides, he wasn't living in a garbage world! His shop might not be as lucrative as he wanted, but Minato had no problems with bills and made their married life content within four walls!

The lady snarled at him, "Yuna! It's Yuna Sansei now! But goddamnit fuck!"

"Goddamnit... fuck?" Minato's eyes expanded at such a display of vulgar language!

"Yes! You've actually married, and it worked?! Her surname changed! How the fuck? You know you are dead when the father finds out?!" She boiled with anger, and curses naturally bypassed her lips.

Minato gulped down, looking at the queue behind her... No one wanted to bother such a beautiful lady, and she was pleasant to an eye despite her sharp tongue. However, the queue became bigger over time, and displeasure sneaked into their faces.

"Hey... Could you come later? I am at work right now!" Minato whispered, but the lady didn't listen to him.

She glanced behind and replied, "Just give them whatever they want. It's not like I can't fish out some money for you."

Minato sighed, but when the lady fished out a golden ingot from nowhere, his eyes stretched, and he brought her closer to the counter, "Hide it! What are you doing?!"

"What? Are you trying to pick up on me? Bastard! You've wasted your whole life's and future's lives luck to get my elder sister yet you want me?! Take off those hands or I will have you have enema!" she snapped!

Her words not only made Minato shiver but also the queue behind her!

He took a few steps behind and shook his head, "My business will suffer, but that's family! Nothing beats family and its bond! Haha! Haha..." Minato comforted himself with excuses while wiping sweat off his forehead.

At last, a few clients decided to let them be. The queue became smaller, and only those interested in a foreign beauty remained.

That also changed slightly after two quite vulgar-looking men entered the shop. They had piercings all over their faces, and tattoos ran from head to toe! These two targeted the woman before the counter, and their eyes scanned her ass lasciviously.

If eyes could eat, they would've surely taken a few bites already!

"I feel those eyes... Someone's courting death from this princess. I see," A foreign beauty whispered, her voice only ringing in Minato's ears.

She spun and faced these two. She immediately narrowed her eyes as two vulgar guys licked their lips and didn't bother hiding their thoughts.

One of them said, "If you don't come out with us, we will force you. Hehe~~"

"Enough of this," Minato cut in.

"Oh? If it isn't a shopkeeper! Haha! You already have a hot chick. Leave some flesh for us!" Another one replied, and the atmosphere boiled!

Onlookers chuckled and covered their lips, waiting for something exciting to happen!

Minato raised his voice, "Parasites such as you who still steal from their mother's pot can eat my shit at most."

"Huh?" The vulgar people and onlookers blinked at such words!

It was pretty unexpected from good guy Minato!

Minato added, "And that still would be benevolent from me! After all, be it my shop or house, I would never let you enter it. Either you leave right now, or we will talk differently."

"So let's talk differently!" A man threw his punch forward!

"You guys can't even fight. What exactly have you been doing with your life?" Minato smiled faintly and effortlessly blocked the punch.

His opponent stared at his hand, "Huh? It's like my whole strength is gone?"

"Even a kid can mindlessly swing its hands around," Minato replied, then knocked off the guy!

Another guy belatedly joined the fray, to no avail.

He ended up joining his friend on the ground even faster, and both of them ended up tied to the shelf!

Minato sighed, "I will call the police."

"P-Police?!" A foreign lady said.

"Yes? Even if you don't want to, they've caused some trouble in my shop. I have to report it." Minato had his duties as the shop owner, so he went for his phone and dialed the number.

Still, the foreigner lady stood dazed in the same spot while remembering what her elder sister had discussed with others...

In her mind, she saw an image of five beauties in the bath.

"If the police approach you, be nice and don't appear suspicious! Just be natural! They are like... Heavenly Guards, you know?!" Yuna said and stressed out the last sentence to warn her sisters enough.

She knew that they would come to Earth at some point, so she made a lesson about the new world she had chosen on her own.

What Yuna didn't know was that one of her sisters would visit her this soon!

"H-Heavenly Police..." That very sister trembled out of fear.

A few minutes later, police stepped into the shop, "What is their strength? I can't probe into them... They appear as if they were normal humans! They are really like Heavenly Guards!" A foreign beauty pondered loudly.

Minato, who stood next to her, glanced at her weirdly, "Where did you come from? Heavenly Guards?"

He tilted his head, but as the police approached him, Minato shifted his focus and spoke with them. He explained all the stuff, then a foreign lady backed him up.

The crowd was on their side as well, and they were ready to leave the shop after some fun.

A foreigner's voice stopped them, however.

She threw her hair behind and said, "You little fuckers be ready! That's the police, you know? At best, you will just eat your own dick a few times, and that's all. Get it?" She glared at them with her lofty aura, looking down. "And that's at best! At worst, I can only imagine what will happen to you! Hah! You don't look at this princess with those eyes, twats!"

Minato, the police, onlookers, and the two vulgar guys stared at her with big eyes.

What did she mean? It sounded as if she knew someone who had tasted their own genitalia, a few times at least! What was that?!

"It sounds as if you are from another world," Minato lifelessly commented. He was pretty exhausted already, and he was ready to close the shop earlier.

A foreigner gawked at him, "Well, I am from another world, though?"



For the first time, the lady stopped talking, and trouble kicked in. She trembled as a faint realization sprouted within her, and sweat began forming on her forehead. She shivered so much that it looked like some sickness had taken over her.

Minato took her shoulders and shook her, "Hey, are you okay?!"

"N-No... I am not... So... All this time, you have been unaware? Unaware of what kind of person you've been married to?" she whispered...

"I always joked that Yuna is out of this world, but is it real? No way... Haha! Hey, what country are you exactly from?" Minato smiled, but his lips kept quivering.

For some inexplicable reason, he felt like another world was not just a different country but a different world altogether.

"Let's drop the topic. Maybe? Haha... Please?" she asked.

But Minato shook his head and said, "I will ask Yuna instead. We don't have any secrets, but if it's a different world..."

If the secret was this big, Minato would be much more forgiving!

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