509 Special lesson 3 (Part 1)

There was a fine line between nervous and excited and, as Gary stood there in the white room, he didn’t know how he felt. A way to grow stronger, what type of beast would come out this time.

Yet at the same time, he knew how dangerous this was, these creatures were trying to outright kill them, and there was the warning from Tom. Before the assessment was to start, Gary looked up where the glass screen was being seen. Now he knew the type of people that were keeping an eye on him.

“Hey Gary.” Wu said, as he was already punching the air warming up. “You know we have to impress the people as well to stay in the lessons, you heard them right. So give me and Snow a chance.”

“Give us a chance, what are you talking about?” Snow angrily complained.

Wu never acted like this before, even after the last assessment. Yes, he knew Gary was good, but the way they were talking to him made it sound like he was on another level.


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