My Werewolf System

What would you do if you were to wake up one day to the message? [You have 5 days until the next full moon] [Your bloodlust is increasing] Gary Dem is a person with a secret. While coming back to school appearing as a whole new person, he does everything he can to keep this from the people he cares about. For his path is one that led him to become part of the underworld. The world has changed, and gangs rule the streets sponsoring big corporations. Bribing politicians behind the scenes and controlling the decisions people make without them knowing it. Using a new breed of humans called the Altered, a mixture of man and beast. It was only meant to be a side job, he was never meant to dig in too deep, but on a mission for his gang, something went wrong, something changed him. [You have 5 days until the next full moon] [Your bloodlust is increasing] The lone wolf... is about to go on a hunt!

JKSManga · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
953 Chs

20 minutes

Stacy’s body was slowly staggering back towards Gary. She herself didn't know what was going on, but seeing the blood and looking down at her stomach, she started to get wobbly on her feet.

Because her back was turned, Gary couldn't see anything, but he didn’t need to see because he could already smell the blood that was entering his nose.

Eventually, she stumbled, falling into Gary’s arms. Looking down, he could see the wound in her stomach, and, though he wasn’t a professional, it looked quite bad.

‘Shit... she was stabbed! … and the knife is in that guy's hand. You’re not supposed to take it out, right?’ Gary thought as he tried to think back to any form of training or movies he had watched for some knowledge.

“Stacy!” Gary shouted at her. “You need to put pressure on the wound! Hang on, I’ll take you to a hospital. It will all be okay!”