Chapter 50 Be Right There

Joseph had said that he would pick her up at ten o'clock in the morning.

At nine-fifty-five, the sound of a car's engine could be heard from outside the Jules Residence. Madam Dahlia happily welcomed Joseph and said, "Please sit down, Mr. Joseph. Miss Jules will be right there!"

"There's no rush," he reassured.

Joseph sat lazily on the sofa, looking very patient.

A few minutes later, there were light footsteps on the stairs.

Joseph raised his eyes lazily. Then, he paused for a moment, and shock flashed through his gaze...

Lucille, who was slowly walking down the stairs, was wearing a long azure dress. It was a simple and elegant waist-length dress that accentuated her slim figure.

There were a few fluttering flowers embroidered on the hem of her dress. As she walked, the flowers and butterflies were partly hidden. They gave her an elegant and somewhat adorable look.