18 Chapter 18

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Not yet, Jack. Please leave it there for a little longer," she pleads, squeezing her legs together to trap my fingers. "That was amazing, I didn't know anything could feel like that. You are the best brother ever!" She lifts her head and starts kissing me. It isn't a sisterly kiss, either. She's pushing her tongue in my mouth and rocking her body slightly up and down so that her nipples are lightly scraping across my chest and my fingers are sliding in and out of her slippery, wet pussy.

"Lisa, we really don't have time. I'm sorry. I'll make it up to you tomorrow, I promise. You don't want Mom finding us like this, do you?" I take my fingers out of her pussy and kiss her hard. Then, I push her back and slide off her bed.

"Let's put our swimsuits on and get in the pool before Mom comes home." I figure the pool will help us cool off and get rid of the smell of sex.

Later that night before we go to bed I go into Lisa's room and hand her a piece of paper. "Some homework for you on that project we're working on," I say, smiling at her. She takes the paper and reads the title "Mind-blowing Blowjob Techniques" it says in bold letters across the top of the page.

"Where did you get this?" she asks, laughing.

"I downloaded it with my file sharing software. I just searched oral sex technique .doc and there it was. Study it and be ready after school tomorrow for an "oral" exam," I tease as I go back to my room. I have my own homework to do. When I was searching for blowjob techniques, I also discovered sensual oral techniques for eating pussy. I figure if I'm going to take this to the next level with Lisa, I had better have great technique, too.

After school the next day, Lisa and I walk home together.

"I can't wait until we get home!" Lisa says, hardly able to control herself. "I'm really looking forward to our practice, today."

"So am I, but I have an idea," I explain to her as we walk. "When we get home, let's pretend that I'm Tony and you've invited him over after school. Tell him you've been thinking about what you guys were talking about the other night. Then, when you get in the house, take him into your bedroom and tell him you're sorry that you haven't thought about his needs and you want to make it up to him. What do you think?" I have another reason why I want her to start thinking about her and Tony in her bedroom. When it happens, I want to watch through the window...

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