140 140: Binding Artifact!

Lin Xian immediately appeared in front of the woman who looked like she was waiting for Lin Xian's words.

"Open your mouth!" Lin Xian said.

Fei Ran didn't ask anymore and opened her mouth.

Lin Xian Directly threw an antidote pill and took out the next object. He had been checking out how to use something that looked like a gold plate the size of a palm and had a heart symbol in the center.

"Drop your blood here." Lin Xian said he also dripped his blood on the Mortal Binding Artifact.

Seeing that form, Fei Ran blushed slightly, but she only nodded. For a young girl like her who is still naive, of course, she would do it. If only she were more mature, she would ask first What is the function of this thing?

However, for her young self, and with the effects of the pill she had taken, she knew immediately that Lin Xian had given her the antidote, which was currently working on slowly removing the poison within her body.


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