617 You started the war!

The whole time during the meeting, from the start, Hector was looking towards Blip. He had glanced at the others there, but it didn't pass his mind that maybe Blip was no longer the leader, especially since the Crow's were disbanded.

But he thought if a new leader was to take over that he would have recognised them immediately. Hector was the one who would often communicate with the other medium-sized factions, so he recognised Dennis, which was a surprise. He knew of Linda, but the rest he had no clue. He simply thought they were just other notable members.

Now Owen was talking to what looked like one of the youngest people there.

'How is this child the leader? More importantly, how does Owen even know him?' Hector thought.

"You remember me?" Quinn replied, their meeting was brief, and usually those in high-ranking positions didn't even bother to remember mere students' faces.


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