708 We are better than you

The next day had arrived in the Tenth castle. Both Xander and Amy had chosen to sleep over as they were all to leave in the morning together and head off to school.

No words were spoken to them as they left, whatever they needed to do, it was better if they found out for themselves, Edward and Leo thought. If they really needed their help, they would know where to come find them.

A few moments after the kids had left for school, Edward suggested it was best for the two of them to start performing their leader duties. This whole time, Leo had pretty much stayed in the castle. He knew those that had joined the inner circle and even fought with them a couple of times, but the same couldn't be said about the rest of the family.

Edward wanted the Tenth family to grow a strong connection, like the one that it had in the past and not the fractured connection they have today. So he wanted Leo to get more acquainted with them.


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