2288 The Unknown Hero (Part 2)

Layla thought she must have misheard Minny, because the name that came out 'Stark', was one that she didn't expect. He shouldn't have even been on the ship, and if he was, of all places why would he then be in this room? Things weren't making any sense.

"Mommy, hurry! Uncle Stark, he's not answering me!" Minny shouted, this time her voice was a bit shaky.

After hearing that, they all entered the room and they could see blood inside, but rather than letting their eyes follow the blood, they looked at Minny instead. All of them paused for a second.

The room was quite large, yet closed off. There were several monitors showing what was going on down below and in the ship. The people on board looked like they were in a state of panic in the ship itself.


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