660 The unkillable man

After the strange meeting Pam had with Peter, she couldn't quite put her finger on it, but she felt something was up. Jazz seemed to care for this person a lot, so much so that he followed him around everywhere. She thought it was nearly impossible for him to not know what he was doing.

However, what concerned her more than anything was the lack of care about his disappearance; surely, Peter should have been worried if he really had disappeared. That was of course, unless he knew where he was or Peter was the one that silenced him.

Pam wasn't the type of person who would do anything until she received proof or evidence first. She didn't want to just go around accusing others, so she had people from the Temple keep an eye on him. Most of the time, they would use their invisibility ability to do so.

During the counselling session, Pam decided to look herself and saw and heard everything from when Peter had transformed himself into Vorden.


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