724 The tenth vampires fall

It was strange at first for Leo, as he could hardly sense anything. When people or things were further away, it was hard for him to feel the strength or see the certain creatures' aura. This was unless he was trying to look for it. This would also limit the range as he tried to look further. But even then, if the force was weak he was unlikely to be able to sense it.

Which was what had shocked him even more. His abilities should have allowed him to sense only those in the castle, yet though the castle walls, out far, he could sense a strong energy and it was the same as what was in the forest.

'He came straight to the tenth castle, so they really are after something from the tenth family? Or someone wants to get rid of us?" Leo thought while looking at Erin.

"Tell Edward to gather the vampires and inform the Council immediately, tell them that the bloodsucker that was in the forest has arrived, they will understand. Then we shall all meet up in the reception of the castle, hurry!"


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