603 The Sunshield's Attack

The whole faction had been preparing for this day. As the days went past, people took less and fewer quests, and it didn't take long for the members to notice what was going on. Megan, one of the Rank B's, tried her best to keep it under wraps, but it was nearly impossible.

Still surprisingly, not many had chosen to leave the Crows. Some had requested Blip to try and move them to a bigger faction, but most of them had great loyalty to their leader who had got them this far.

In preparation for the attack, scouting ships were placed around the planet, 24/7. More than usual and the area they would cover was wider as well. They wanted to know as soon as possible when they were coming, not when they were about to land. When one of these scout ships had discovered a force coming their way, rather than engaging, the first thing they did was come back to report. There was going to be no needless deaths today.


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