My Vampire System

The human Race is at war with the Vicious Dalki and when they needed help more than ever, THEY started to come forward. Humans who had hidden in the shadows for hundreds of years, people with abilities. Some chose to share their knowledge to the rest of the world in hopes of winning the war, while others kept their abilities to themselves. Quinn had lost everything to the war, his home, his family and the only thing he had inherited was a crummy old book that he couldn’t even open. But when the book had finally opened, Quinn was granted a system and his whole life was turned around. He completed quest after quest and became more powerful, until one day the system gave him a quest he wasn’t sure he could complete. "It is time to feed!" "You must drink human blood within 24 hours" "Your HP will continue to decrease until the task has been completed" https://discord.gg/kqCxfZF6xH Instagram: JKSManga OTHER WORKS My Werewolf System My Dragon System

JKSManga · Fantasy
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2545 Chs

The breakout

From the very back, miles away, looking through his scope, Logan had a good view of everything that was happening. What he was surprised about was, even with the power of his new weapon and the use of blood crystals, that the leader Muka was able to avoid his attacks. Leaders were clearly stronger than he had anticipated.

As he was confident, if the weapon was to be used against a vampire knight, they would struggle to avoid such an attack.

The other problem was, unlike last time, Logan was hoping there would also be those on Quinn's side. Those that would not join the battle. That way, Borden or Peter would be able to get through, but that didn't happen at all.