693 Spreading Virus

Spread out across the table straight out from Dennis' mouth, was blood. Immediately, two people in the room started to feel strange as the scent entered their noses. Paul felt himself drawn towards the blood, slowly moving his body forward.

"Snap out of it, not here, I don't want to kill you," Kazz said.

Those few words were enough to reign Paul back to his senses, and he was able to control himself from the urge. He had already had to deal with blood a few times, so it was easier for Paul, but as for the other, it was Sam. He suddenly stumbled, keeping his head down. He knew from what Quinn had told him that when a vampire couldn't control their urges, their eyes would start to change colour.

Slamming his hand on the table, he was trying to stop himself. The others were starting to show concern towards him as well.

"Sam, is it a bug that's spreading around? Are you feeling alright?" Nate asked as he approached him, but Quinn then stood in his way.


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