212 Ranks of Pure

Since they made the decision to ask Pure for help, she had been thinking how she could explain her actions, because she knew she had broken the rules of Pure.

Entering her own room this time, Layla was more nervous than ever. It reminded her of when she had first joined the school. All those strange feelings were returning to her, and they were starting to make her feel sick.

"I think by the end of today, I'm going to come out around five pounds lighter," She jokingly said to herself, trying to forget about the situation she was in.

Upon entering her room, there was no one inside. Her roommate consisted of Erin and another female student. Most of the time, their other roommate seemed to be out, which was a good thing for Layla.

Still, just to be safe, she kept an eye on the door as she went about making contact with Pure. She had already been caught once by Logan and had no clue how, which started to make her do some second-guessing.


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