11 New Skill

Even without the help of the system, Quinn could tell the student was obviously hiding his ability.

"Come on, what happened to your big balls?" the other student taunted him.

"You seem to be playing with them behind your back," Quinn replied.

"You weak piece of garbage!" the student shouted and came charging forward. Quickly, he slashed his hand out at Quinn.

Luckily, Quinn's increased stats allowed him to lift his arm in time to block the attack. However, the student's hand managed to slice right through a part of Quinn's arm, drawing blood.

"Damn it!" Quinn cursed.

[HP 8/10]

Quinn looked at the student who now had his hands out in view. It appeared that the bully had a transformation ability, yet it seemed to be a weak one, limited to only his hands. The ability had changed his hands to tiger claws and had hardened his nails. From the cut, deep in his hand, Quinn knew that the nails were sharper than they looked.

Suddenly everything became a little bit more serious for Quinn. The stinging pain he felt on his arm was real. The game-like system had caused him to take things a little too easy. But his pain quickly reminded him that this wasn't a game. He was unsure if he would 'faint' after four more hits or if something worse would happen, but he had no intention of finding out anytime soon.

The student started to charge at Quinn once again with his claw-like hands. As the student swung his right-hand Quinn managed to duck and throw a punch of his own into the student's stomach. The student staggered. The shock on his face revealed that the power behind Quinn's punch was greater than he had expected.

The student maneuvered his way around Quinn, moving quicker than he looked. His claws slashed at Quinn's unprotected back, injuring him once more.

[HP 6/10]

"Shut up, I know!" Quinn shouted as he lifted the student using both of his hands by the legs and threw him up against the side of the wall.

'How did Quinn manage to pick him up like that?' Peter wondered, "They're roughly the same size and he threw him with ease… Does he really not have an ability? Or did he hide it for some reason?'

Quinn didn't stop there though. It was important to teach this bully a lesson, otherwise, they would just come back for more. Quinn needed to scare him from ever trying to mess with him again.

He ran up to the student who was still lying on the floor and kicked him in the stomach with full force. The kick was so hard that it caused the student to cough up a little bit of blood from his mouth.

[First fight has been completed!]

[50 Exp received]

[70/100 Exp]

"Is he dead?" Peter asked, slightly worried. As if on cue, the student started coughing out some more blood.

"If he attacks you again, he's going to wish he was," Quinn stated with conviction.

He was actually quite relieved. He had no idea how the academy might punish him for killing another student. Fortunately, his system had rewarded him the experience points without the need to kill the other student.

Then suddenly another message appeared before his eyes.

[Additional quest reward]

[Skill unlocked: Lv1 Inspect]

Excitement started to fill Quinn's mind as he had finally received his first skill. Quinn was hoping that maybe this would help him figure out what type of ability he had received, but the name of it didn't sound too promising.

'Inspect? So maybe it can tell me the weaknesses of my opponents?' Quinn assumed.

Quinn then decided to test his new skill and looked at Peter who was standing next to him. Unfortunately, Quinn had no idea how to use his skill but the moment he started thinking about the skill it had activated on its own and a screen appeared right next to Peter.

[Name: Peter Chuck]

[Race: Human]

[Ability: None]

[HP 3/5]

[Blood type A+]



Quinn was shocked, but he was also pleased. The skill seemed to work by just thinking about it. He read through the information that had been given to him, unhappy with the blanked out sections. He assumed it was due to the skill only being at level 1, but still, the information it did give him was quite handy.

It told Quinn what type of ability someone else had, which would be very useful in a fight. The same was true for how much health another party had. However, there was one bit of information that Quinn found very strange and that was the 'Blood type'. It was weird for the system to give him information about such a specific thing and Quinn also wondered how on earth this would ever help him in the future.

Quinn then went up to the student who continued to lie on the floor groaning in pain and used his new skill on him as well.

[Name: Kyle Main]

[Race: Human]

[Ability: Transformation]

[HP 1/8]

[Blood type B-]



"Quinn, I think we better go, go before someone comes along," Peter told his friend.

Quinn ignored him for the time being. He wanted to find out as much as he could, and who knew when he would get the opportunity otherwise.

Checking the status of Kyle allowed Quinn to learn a few new things. The information he was given about the ability of the target was not very specific. There were hundreds of different transformation abilities.

The other thing was the HP. It looked like for his victory he only needed to bring down the student's HP to 1, but Quinn still didn't know if 0 equaled death or not. It could also just mean the person had been knocked out.

Right after inspecting Kyle, Quinn received yet another notification.

[You have received an Optional quest]

[Drink the blood of your victim to absorb a stat point]

'What the...? Is this thing crazy!" Quinn thought'

Even if he would gain a stat point there was no way he was going to drink someone else's blood. The very idea of it made Quinn feel sick. Still, when looked to the ground where Kyle had spat out some of his blood, he felt magically drawn to the red liquid.

'Maybe a little bit wouldn't hurt… No, I shouldn't do it! You're going crazy, Quinn, STOP IT!!!'

"Quinn!" Peter called again, only this time he shouted at his friend.

"Yeah, you're right."

The two of them continued to walk down the hallway, but while doing so Peter noticed that Quinn kept turning his head to look at Kyle on the floor.

'He must be worried about him. Although he is a mean fighter, seems like Quinn's a nice guy after all,' Peter thought as he smiled.

If only he knew that Quinn was actually still debating whether to go back and try a bit of the blood after all…

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