704 Infinite Flame Gauntlets

As the last sheet was pulled off, Quinn's eyes were glued to the gauntlets he could see in front of him. Just like the others, it had a red base of colours from being mixed in with Alex's blood. Running up the gauntlet's sides and within the palm itself, a brighter red radiating energy could be seen coming from it. Running down the arm, several small spikes that looked similar to those that were on a Dalki's back.

"Is it still active?" Quinn asked, wondering why the palm and sides were glowing red.

"I only just recently finished creating these gauntlets. They took the longest out of everything. I think the energy from the crystals is still seeping out from it, but it should start to cool down a bit and return to regular looking gauntlets in a few hours or so." Alex explained.

If it wasn't the case, then Quinn could imagine he would have to wear the gauntlets less often, otherwise others would think he was preparing to attack them all of a sudden.


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