668 I'm not Vorden

The large water sprout continued to twirl, growing in size and power as it was fed by the two twins. From a distance, the ship could be seen near it, hovering and struggling to stay in the air.

"Goodbye?" Sil said back, confused.

He didn't understand what the two were talking about. They knew why he couldn't store six abilities like before. In the past, they had tried a number of things to try and get Sil back to what he used to be.

They tried holding hands together like Vicky and Pai, tried sitting on the seat all three at once, and tried controlling the body all at the same time, but it never worked in the first place. Whatever they tried, nothing seemed to work.

"When me and Raten entered your mind, we knew we were in control of ourselves." Vorden started to explain. "Since day one, we had this feeling that at any point and time, we could choose to fade away. We could disappear from your mind if we wished. In a way, we'd go unconscious ourselves.


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