1814 Gather the crystals

Due to Quinn's multiple experiences with confrontation and clashes against deadly beasts and creatures, he was pretty good at reading someone's following actions and intentions. However, when he saw the woman walking over to the crowd of people, he had no notion that she would latch onto him, which was why he found himself speechless.

For a second, Quinn looked down at her face, wondering if he knew her from somewhere, but he couldn't recall ever meeting anyone like her.

"HAHAHA, WHAT IS THIS?!" The giant fishman hollered, "You act all tough, and then you run behind a man? Can't you protect yourself on this ship?!"

Turning around, the man walked forward and naturally, with his large body, pushed one of the staff to the side, nearly making him fall off balance. But before he fell, Nog was there with the palm of his hand to push him back to his feet.


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