621 Family love

It didn't take long before Vorden decided to leave the temple and head back towards his original goal, the castle. The emotional toll it was taking on Sil was just too much. If he was on his own, then perhaps Vorden would have tried to enter the temple to look around.

But with Sil being more conscious than he usually was, it just wasn't possible. If Sil complained, the Raten would complain, which in the end would just lead to Vorden getting one almighty headache.

Finally, he had reached the castle or at least the foot of the castle. For when he looked up there was a very wide long staircase leading all the way up to a platform, and then eventually one would have to enter through the doors.

"I always hated these stairs," Vorden said as he reluctantly started to pace himself as he walked up to them. It was a lot easier than he last remembered. It seemed like in the past year, his body had gotten significantly stronger from the military.


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