637 Dangerous place on earth

It hadn't been long since Logan and Quinn had last spoken. Currently, Quinn was busy making preparations along with Fex to eventually head to Owen's coordinates.

Things were running smoothly now on the ship as well as on the Crow's planet. This was because, after the meeting with the Graylash leader, it was reasonable to think that they had decided they would not get involved with Quinn and his group's business. They could have easily done something about it there and then, and this was later confirmed when Blip had spoken with his special contact.

According to him, they could keep the planet as a reward for successfully defending it against the Sunshields. At least for now.

Without worrying about the Graylash family wanting to take back their planet. They were free to use it as a second base and to take quests for hunts of beasts when needed.

Inside his room, Fex was looking at his amour, flask and ring that he needed to take.


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