433 Asking for help

Inside, Logan's room back at the vampire academy. Currently inside was Vorden, and they had even invited Cia this time as well. Although the girls and boys' room were often separated, there were no strict rules when people would visit or come into each other's room. Unlike back at the military academy.

It seemed like they were quite open about this and many times while staying there, Logan had noticed many females and male vampires going into each other's room. Coming out, their clothes would be ruffled and such, and their faces blushed with heat, it was obvious what was going on.

'Must just be a cultural difference, I guess.' Thought Logan.

Still, the reason they had gathered and asked for Cia to come along as well, was because they wanted to execute the next part of their plan. Moving together was important, even if they couldn't connect with Layla, she was still by far the safest out of all of them.


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