625 A strange trio

Sil continued to sob in the corner of the classroom, and most of the students chose to ignore him, preparing themselves for the class they were about to have, and catching up on what they had done the other day.

The only one that had gone to approach him was Vorden. However, he had understood why the others had given up in trying to help, it was because this had become a daily occurrence. To put it simply, Sil was a crybaby that took the littlest of things and blew them up in that mind of his.

Sitting down next to him with his back against the wall mimicking him, Vorden was trying to comfort him. "Go on, why don't you tell me why Raten said you stink?"

Raten was already in his seat that wasn't too far from the back of the class, Vorden could see him peeking over and looking behind at them.


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