717 A Reunion

Silver was a skilled knight, the best of the best when it came to vampires. There were only two positions that could be considered higher than hers. The vampire leaders and the vampire king's loyal knights. Of course there was also the vampire king or queen position, but without being a leader in the first place, she could never be considered for such a role.

It was well known throughout the other castles that if Silver hadn't been born a girl, that she would have been made the next leader. However, tradition of the thirteenth family, would not allow it.

Still, none of those facts changed her current situation. That there was a blood sucker staring her down that was making her feel completely powerless. Usually she could gauge one's power by the use of her red blood stings, yet in front of this blood sucker, they were as useless as a gentle wind breeze.

He had snapped them by just moving his large muscular legs.

"At least tell me who you are?" Silver asked.


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