1904 A limit

Russ's body had taken on a similar form to his opponent Weet. The only thing different was the human body and because of this, the celestial was being a little careful.

Flapping his wings, Russ rose up high in the air, and parts of his body started to glow blue just like Weet. Now the celestial knew what was coming next, this wasn't just an imitation it was an exact copy of what was to come.

Several sharp blue lasers shot out towards the celestial. Since there was only one target, all the small lasers had spread making it impossible for the attack to miss and Weet knew this best.

Which was why it decided to cover its head with its two large wings. The two claw like ends of the wings had interlocked with each other. The next second the wings had expanded creating half a ball blocking the vital parts of the celestial.


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